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Ruby Rose, who formed Batwomant, went shopping for a Hungarian hospital

Ruby Rose, the leading player in the upcoming Batwoman series, has shown that she is not just a superhero on the television screen but also in reality. After experiencing Hungarian health on her own skin, she decided to try to help patients on their own. Even the smallest of patients: medical supplies and toys donated to Heim Paul Children's Hospital. institution. He sent the events on his Instagram page, where he compared the washroom with a series of horror movies and told his followers that if they didn't see it anymore, their inner organs would look good. The experience did not let him calm himself, so he read the situation for the Hungarian health care and immediately went into action. I have the opportunity to arrange a Christmas purchase … After I first experienced the Hungarian health care, I have talked to the local hospitals about how I can best help when I am here … I got a list of what they need most. such as bedding, chairs, paper towels, paper sheets and the like … So today we started the list by buying 1

50 bedding for a local hospital. You have been encouraged by someone who has it For the sake of hygiene, plastic and wooden toys are more preferred than hairy, says the actress, who had made Christmas in Heim Paul's Children's Hospital better and better. "class =" image screenshot "data-model =" image "data-pk =" 85997 "itemprop =" contentUrl "itemscope =" "itemtype =" https://schema.org/ImageObject "src =" https: // sm.ign.com/ign_hu/screenshot/default/blob_w5n6.jpg"/>

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