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Index – Domestic – János Pócs is on the floor, wants to change Fidesz's policy

János Pócs was laid on the floor after the re-election in Jászberény. The Fidesz Member of the National Assembly said:

I was perhaps surprised that there was no exaggeration to get to the floor, but that is why I have to stand up and the voters' message must be understood.

Pócs told reporters that he saw that their messages had not gone through, and although many things had gone wrong, which, however, did not reach the voters, they did not reach the voters.

At work, in communication, in appearance – in all

– said to the question what needs to be changed (Poc's statement to ATV is also available on video). to the winner and thanked the large number of voters in Jászberény for their re-election. "I'm sure the government and I will be there to help Jászberény develop, become more beautiful and continue on every path he or she has started," he said, admitting that "Jászberény has a strong changing mood." 1

9659006] We wrote that Lóránt Budai was re-elected mayor of Jászberény with a turnout of over 60 percent on Sunday. The opposition-backed right-wing politician initially won the Mayor of the Commonwealth for Jászberény Association by 16 votes on October 13, but Fidesz challenged the outcome and managed to repeat the election.

Budai defeated Tamás Szabó, the candidate for Fidesz-KDNP, by a huge margin in the November 10 election.

Budai received 8,327 votes, while his opponent received 4,569 votes. [196591010] Not all Fidesz learned lessons in Parliament, like Pócs. Between the speeches before the agenda, Péter Jakab, the leader of the Jobbik faction

spoke the government parties with a "good news": the kids in Jászság to have learned Fidesz to lose. If you add the one who does not respect the will of the people, sooner or later the people will teach him respect and drive him away.

James also told of the causes of the Fidesz defeat, saying that people had grown tired of stealing even their kitchen money and going to hospital to die. Jakab said that the countryside wants to live, and Jászberény sent a message directly to Fidesz: "disappear from public life."

In response, Secretary of State Balázs Orbán made the announcement of

post-communist organization under the influence of the military

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