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Index – Culture – Ferenc Bács died

At the 83rd year of his life, after a long and serious illness, Ferenc Bács, the Kossuth and Jászai Mari winners, a worthy and excellent artist, went to Budapest's honorary citizen – said the artist's wife to MTI.

Ferenc Bács was born on June 19, 1936 in Sibiu, Transylvania and grew up in Cluj-Napoca. He graduated from the Szentgyörgyi István Theater in Târgu Mureş and then contracted the Székely Theater Company led by Miklós Tompa. Although he was a respected member of the theater, Nicolae Ceausescu's communist dictatorship became increasingly depressed. Finally, he decided to move to Hungary with his family. In 1977, the Romanian authorities approved her with her wife, Bella Tanai, who had been raised with her son and daughter, Katie Bach, who could also be an actress. The actor soon became popular in Hungary.

He spent a season in Miskolc, one in Gyor, and then he was invited by Zoltán Várkonyi to Vígszínház. He was a member of the Szent István Circuit Company for eight years and in 1

987 he contracted the József Attila Theater Company and became a freelancer. Between 1992 and 1998 he played at the National Theater, which was performed in Sopron between 2000 and 2003 and then continued his career as a freelance artist. He taught speech art this year at the College of Performing Arts. For years he went to the country with his independent nights of colors and years and colors in my life. More notable appearances in many successful Hungarian gaming and television films, including the Stud League, October Sunday Faustus Faustus Hell, the Red Countess, Angel Angel and Stop Teresa!

After a long jumping, Sándor Márai was born in 2006 in the Hungarian-Italian co-production of the emigrant – everything is different – he has often read from Márai's work, and he also published an audio book by the author's aories and thoughts. With his contribution, the recording of Luke's Gospel in 1989 was the record of the year. In many films he was also a narrator and many synchronous actors, including his voice to Tiger from Pooh, The Clinic, Klausjürgen Wussown, Professor Brinkmann or Ian McKell, Gandalf Magus in the Ring and Hobbit films. He also performed at the Jászai Mari Theater in Tatabánya, where he performed Richard Nash's Rainbreaker

Ferenc Bác's artistic work was awarded in 1983 by the Jászai Mari Prize and in 2001 he was awarded an artistic title. He was awarded the Gundel Art Award 2009 for his role as an emigrant, and in 2011 he became an outstanding artist. The Kossuth Prize was awarded in 2015 for its remarkable successful theater, television and film career with its sophisticated artistic elegance, memorable synchronicities and leadership.

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