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If Honda goes, what kind of engine will Red Bull continue to compete with?

After Toro Rosso he continued with Red Bull Racing with Honda engines. The "bulls" were the ones who convinced the Japanese to stay in the sport after the McLaren break, and that seemed like a good decision as they made great progress and Red Bull-Honda won competitions in the first year.

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However, Honda has still not decided what to do after 2020, so in some cases there may be a drop-off, just like Renault, which is the worst possible news for Formula 1 and Liberty Media. In this case, Red Bull would remain without engine, and so far Ferrari and Mercedes did not want to provide them with resources to strengthen their direct rival.

Given that Red Bull recently wrote a letter to the FIA ​​about its Ferrari engine and a conflict may have arisen in the background, and it is almost impossible for the Italians to reach an agreement with the Austrians. Marko is confident that the decision will be made at the end of the season and that he can plan ahead. At present, there is a much greater chance that Honda will remain.

"Honda has not decided yet. "An engine in an F1 car can be a useful thing, no doubt," said Marko, who is still one of the key links in the Red Bull F1 project, ironically.

"I think Abu Dhabi must have made the decision. The rules are on the table and you can now calculate how much cheaper it will be to develop the engines. The time allowed on the test bench will be significantly reduced and there will be restrictions on certain parts of the engines, "Marko added to Motorsport-Magazin.de .

If Honda decides to continue, it is likely that in addition to Red Bull, Toro Rosso will continue with Japanese resources. There are also combined financial reasons for this agreement, as the two teams are in close contact with each other, which is to the benefit of both parties. Next year, however, Toro Rosso will run under the name Alpha Tauri, the fashion brand Red Bull.

Marko also mentioned that Red Bull from 2021 could get a smaller bonus for the new money distribution, but Toro Rosso could do more in his pocket. However, the two teams are in the same hands, but the situation is not so simple when it comes to cash flow. "

" If we look at what we lose with Red Bull Racing's financial bonuses, Toro Rosso is already winning, but not quite. On the whole, however, this is a positive thing. “Reflected by the Austrian on the introduction of the budget ceiling.

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