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Hideo Kojima says the press is critical of Death Stranding due to cultural differences

An Italian website, TGCom24, interviewed Hideo Kojima about Death Stranding and asked, among other things, the designer writer director why he thought his current product was so much sharper than previous games. According to the expert, it is worth splitting these writings: in Europe and Japan, for example, he said the judges were more understandable and enthusiastic than the United States, not least because he is a big fan of FPS in the United States and Death Stranding not, but "something much more". According to Kojima, the art of the Italians and the French is close to him anyway, which is why they have become much more knowledgeable about the game in these countries.

It is interesting that VGC looked at what might be true about it. as Kojima argues, and they came to the conclusion that critics in, for example, Europe and Australia were criticized much harsher (for example, an American colleague IGN's "scraper" rating of 6.8 by an Australian colleague), and in addition, they love and do not understand the special features In Death Stranding, the major US sites have almost the maximum or near the extraordinary action (?) game, so it is strange many times to accept an almost negative response to cultural differences. In any case, Kojima added that, in his opinion, the fans will be extremely enthusiastic and will "spread" Death Stranding's reputation, and in five or ten years people will see the game as a new standard.

We don't know what we think of Death Stranding in five or ten years, but it will surely be released on PlayStation 4 and PC next summer will also visit.

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