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Krisztina Baranyi has elected one of her deputy mayors from the Diptych Dog Party

The Hungarian Bipedal Dog Party may provide one of Krisztina Baranyi's Deputy Mayor of Ferencváros, the index writes. According to the newspaper, the party has asked Zsuzsanna Döme, the leader of the European Parliament (EP), for the post in IX. district leaders. By the way, the party also supported Baranyi in the Franciscan election. Zsuzsanna Döme Photo: Márton Mónus / …

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Index – Domestic – Listed by embassies in the government that should be invited to celebrate the change

The government has recommended historians, analysts and artists to the embassies to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the regime change, Nephew noted. So far, foreign missions have been able to organize such programs independently. The newspaper said that an anonymous diplomat said: "Embassies for something must be able to organize a memorial day and invite speakers from all over the …

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there was a train and a car from Vecses

Train crashes in Vecssn, Budapest – Szolnok buses run by sub buses Frissts: On Sunday, at midnight, Rvidd completed the commute and technical assistance, ll kztt. Gradually, traffic is reduced and regular traffic can be restored. Vrda Intercity, a car from Zhonyb to Budapest, arrives. According to police.hu, no one was killed in the accident. The wreck of the car …

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Zsanett Baloghné Varga won the mayor of Kisberény

Zsanett Baloghné Varga Independent candidate won mayor of Kisberény, Somogy County, where members of the House of Representatives were also re-elected on Sunday. Sándorn Németh, 41, Fidesz-KDNP candidate, Krisztián Horváth received 3 valid votes. Four of the 11 non-affiliated members received a mandate. Of the 231 voters on the Kisberény list, 120 exercised their right to vote. Judith Sárhegyi, head …

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Pettenden turned and won the independent Lakatos Sándor

Sándor Lakatos (Independent) wins Sunday's mayoral election in Pettenden, Baranya County – Sunday evening informed the city's notary MTI. 134 voted for, 71 of them supported Sándor Lakatos, and on 59 Simon Sándor the reverse October result was reversed. Of the 211 voters in the settlement, 134 voted and four were invalid. In Pettenden, west of Szigetvár, at the border …

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Szekretár Pál győzött and polgármester-választáson Taranyban

A scene called Somogy megyei Taranyban Szekretár Pál bird-fed jelölt freshened a polgármester-választást, ahol vasárnap az 1-es szavazókörben me chellette ismételni a waxless. A Nemzeti Választási Iroda (NVI) and honlapján közölte, hogy a szavazókörök összesittett adatai alapján a győztes 287, mit szintén független vetélytársai közül Czink Attila 188, Ritecz István A polygamester-választás eredménye tehát nem változott az oktoberihez kepest. A …

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