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HP Chromebox G3 announced, supports 4K dual-screen displays, starting at $ 254

After announcing its first AMD C-Series Chromebooks on Tuesday morning, HP followed up with a new Chromebox. The HP Chromebox G3 Enterprise runs on 10th generation Intel processors, can power a pair of 4K monitors, and starts at just $ 254 when available in October.

Yes, it looks like any old Chromebox. To be fair, there is not much you can do to make the form factor glossy and glamorous: Chromeboxes are just tools and based on the specification sheet, you get a lot of it depending on the configuration you choose next month.

You can choose a chipset from a wide range of 10th generation Intel U-series processors, from a Celeron all the way up to a Core i7. You’re limited to Intel’s integrated UHD graphics, but it’s a lot to surf, play media and work. Also, with streaming services like Stadia and GeForce Now, you do not need a super-powered GPU for gaming. Heck, even the base model at $ 254 can do it!

You also get some modern upgrades like WiFi 6 (with a supported router, of course), Bluetooth 5 and NVMe storage options with capacity up to 128 GB. There are no ports on the HP Chromebox G3: a USB Type C that can be used for data, charging external devices or video outputs, a pair of HDMI ports and four USB Type-A ports, and an Ethernet socket.

HP has not shared all the pricing for different configurations yet and I would not be surprised to see that the top-core Core i7 is in the $ 600 to $ 750 ballpark. We need to see next month when these are sold to find out which ones may be the best.

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