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How to remove new ad tests on Netflix

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has expressed its opposition to allowing external companies to advertise on the service (apart from product placement), but Netflix has strengthened the marketing of its own service and programming. Netflix will spend $ 2 billion on marketing in 2018, but the company said that in January, Hastings would prefer not to spend anything to market Netflix programming, instead relying on the company's credentials of user data to improve its algorithm to promote content to their users. 19659002] Netflix sees its ad test as an extension of its goal of adapting TV and film recommendations to its users. The company noted that it has introduced other features aimed at helping its users discover new content to view the service. "A few years ago, we introduced video previewes to the TV experience because we saw that it significantly reduced how much the members spent browsing and helped them find something they would like to watch even faster," said a Netflix spokesman in a statement to CNBC on Monday.

Netflix Competitors Hulu charges users more money for streaming non-content, while Amazon Prime also displays transferable ads for its own original programming before each stream. Meanwhile, Amazon-owned television broadcasting service Twitch is another platform that appears to provide more ads to its viewers.

Twitch Prime, the company's subscription level free for Amazon Prime members, will no longer be completely different from October 1

5, said the company on Monday. Instead, users who want to watch video game streams without advertising must upgrade to Twitch Turbo, a separate level that costs $ 8.99 per month and is not included in the Amazon Prime subscription of $ 12.99 per month.

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