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How to prevent your belongings from mold in a storage unit?

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Renting a storage unit comes very handy when you have a lot of items to move. You can temporarily or permanently store your belongings in a storage facility. Sadly, there are a few risks to the safety of your belongings when they are in the storage units- Mold.

The ideal level of humidity inside your home or storage unit is 30-50%. If the level increases beyond this limit, it can cause various problems including molds. Mold, mildew, corrosion, rust are a few problems that arise due to high levels of humidity and each one of these aspects are very lethal for the safekeeping of your belongings. The best moving companies listed at https://www.imoving.com/cross-country-moving-companies/ explain how mold can be the core reason of damage at a storage facility. If you have engaged a storage facility for a long duration, you need to prevent mold in storage units. Here are some tips that will help you in keeping your storage units mold-free.

Protection is your only weapon:

The first thing you need to understand is that moisture can come from a number of sources. Water, seepage and air moisture is one thing, but if you really want to keep your belongings protected, you must keep your belongings above the ground. The moisture from the ground can easily reach your items stored in the units. To avoid any damage, make sure you pack the items with the right packing supplies and wrap them with a plastic sheet very tightly. Also, do not put your belongings directly on the ground. You can use wooden or metal pallets to store the items safely.

Check the items for dryness before you store them:

It is very important that you check your belongings before you store it. Even if one item from the lot is dam, it can ruin the entire lot. A wet item in the storage unit can raise the level of humidity in the air significantly It becomes the breeding ground for mold and mildew leading to damage. It is imperative that you check all the belongings for dryness and if any item is even slightly wet, remove it from the inventory.

Keep a check on the humidity levels.

Make it a habit to check the humidity levels inside the storage units at frequent intervals. It is important that the indoor humidity is below 50% at all times. You can ask a professional to check the humidity for you or install a relative humidity gauge inside the storage unit. The modern storage units have this facility pre-installed.

If, at any time, you find that the humidity level has increased above the acceptable mark, you should visually check the entire storage unit for any damage or potential mold development.

Be cautious while renting:

Before you rent an outdoor storage unit, make sure you check all the safety aspects including leakage in the unit. Visually inspect the storage units for any cracks in the walls or floor. Even the smallest of the cracks can become a reason for significant leakage which leads to damage. Either ask the storage unit provider to fix the crack or find another facility.

Get a vapor barrier:

Installing a vapor barrier is a modern way to fight humidity in storage units. You can use a thick plastic sheet and place it on the warm side of the unit. This will prevent the outside moisture from entering the storage unit. Similarly, install a sheet on the floor and strengthen your vapor barrier.

Drying agents are you weapon:

Drying agents are materials that absorb moisture and make the area less humid. There are a range of drying agents available in the market that you can use for keeping the atmosphere in a storage unit dry. Silica gel is the most commonly used drying agent. You can easily buy it from any hardware store and use it. Make packets of silica gel in fabric and place them randomly inside the storage unit. In case of silica gel, it can absorb moisture 40% to its weight so remember to replace the silica gel in frequent intervals.

You can also use Charcoal as it is a natural drying agent. It is effective against moisture as well as foul odors which is a common problem at storage units.

Choose your storage units with great care:

It is very important that you choose your storage units with great care. Make sure you check the construction of the unit, its walls, floors and every other aspect that can expose your belongings to the risk of moisture.

From smart packing to moisture preventing techniques, there are a number of ways you can use to prevent mold build-up at a storage unit. Keep your belongings safe with these tips and ensure that they are in a good condition to use whenever you want them.