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How To Make Money and Extra Income?

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In the past decade, there has been an enormous change in the way people plan their career — all thanks to eCommerce and other online opportunities. These open up the gates to a host of opportunities and with proper planning, you should be able to get the most out of it. The challenge however is to find ways to make money with minimal risk. That’s because if you are looking for a side income then you are either not making enough money or have additional responsibilities to shoulder. With that said, let us now discuss some of the best side hustles and constructive hobbies that don’t require too much of your time. Also, these can heighten your chances of making some extra money without neglecting your day job.

Play French Roulette online

When the wheel spins, its outcome is quite unpredictable but with the right gaming strategy, you should be able to increase your chances of a win. If you are new to roulette, then we recommend that you play online French roulette because French roulette wheel offers the lowest house edge as compared to the European and American roulette wheels. According to sources, the house edges are the lowest in the case of French roulette which is around 1

.35 percent; followed by European roulette which is 2.70 percent and finally by the American roulette which is around 5.26 percent.

Refer others to earn bonuses

If you are a gaming enthusiast, then you probably know others who enjoy watching the wheel spin on their computers or mobile phones. So, go ahead and refer them as that can earn you some exciting referral bonuses. However, if you are doing this through social media, make sure to use temporary links to do that.

Use your Math and Physics skills

If you are a nerd with exceptional skills in Math and Physics then it is unlikely that you’d choose gambling as a side hustle. However, if you do, then studies show that you can apply these skills to make certain calculations that get you closer to a win. In fact, Researchers and Scientists who have used this technique claim to have earned 18 percent returns, which is indeed a huge ROI.

Try classic gaming strategies

Classic gaming strategies like Martingale, reverse Martingale etc… are time-tested strategies that help lower your losses and increase the probability of a win. You could also try strategies like Fibonacci which ensure that your losses are taken care of and that you stay ahead with at least a small profit margin.

Use Online casinos

If you haven’t struck gold yet, then as an avid gambler it’s critical for you to keep your day job. So the easiest way to gamble while doing that is from the comfort of your home or through your mobile phone, while you are at work. Also, you could consider a day job that gives you enough time to pursue your passion and focus on playing your favorite online casino games.

So, you can indeed make passive income by simply playing your favorite online casino games. However, make sure to use the right strategy to get the most out of your investment. Although the outcome of most casino games is unpredictable, the gaming strategy is something that you can work on. Alternatively, you could engage in other side hustles like photography, writing or renting out books and other things, and make some extra money.