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How to get Snapchat-style filters on Zoom so you can look like a potato

Thanks to coronavirus, there are a huge amount of people now working from home, a significant amount of which have become increasingly dependent on Zoom to keep in touch with employees.

Zoom has been in the news for positive and negative reasons. It has helped people to participate their degree practically, but some schools have banned it for security reasons. Zoom bombing has become one thing and, generally speaking, there are privacy issues.

However, most of us spend too much time trying to find out best possible zoom background.

But if you are tired of messing with boring old zoom backgrounds, it might be time to take things to the next level with Snap Camera.

Snap Camera has been around since 201

8 and it basically allows you to add Snapchat style filters to video conferencing apps like Zoom.

You can use it to transform yourself from this:

screen-shot 2020/04/07-at-2-08-01-pm.png


Select Serrels / CNET

To this…



Select Serrels / CNET

Or how is this …


… Miaow?

Select Serrels / CNET

But definitely do not do this.


This is broken.

Select Serrels / CNET

Yes, it is my teeth that are attached to the egg yolk in a digitally cracked egg. Scary.

Installing Snap Camera is quite easy. First download the application here and go through the installation.

Once it’s up and running, you’ll see a selection of filters to choose from.


Lots of options to scare your colleagues.

Screenshot / Snap Camera

Once it’s good to go, you can move around with the settings in Zoom to make it work there. On a Mac, it’s as simple as going to Settings, clicking video, and choosing Snap Camera from the camera’s drop-down menu. It is a very similar computer process.


It’s as simple as cracking an egg.

Screenshot / Zoom

As long as you keep the Snap Camera app open, the filters work. Just keep in mind: This is a can of worms. Surprise your colleagues in one meeting and I all but guarantee that every single person in the next meeting will look like this:


To add a whole new dimension to insulation beard cultivation.

Select Serrels / CNET

If there is a future you feel comfortable with, please enjoy.

Snap Camera also works with Skype and Microsoft teams. You can even use it when streaming on Twitch.

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