Jets WR Quincy Enunwa talks about Jetsen's 48-17 victory over the Ford Field lion in Detroit on Monday, September 10, 2018.
[19659000] Andy Vasquez, Staff Writer, @andy_vasquez

Jets and Dolphins are unscrambled into a game for the first time since 1994 and only the second time ever.

Here's a look at what to expect as these divisions rivals are squared in a convincing early season event.

Jins [19659000] Jens [19659000] Jets: [19659000] Jets: Week 1 could not have gone better for the jets. Rookie quarterback Sam Darnold got a big mistake out of the way with his pick-6 on the opening side and then decided to play a good game. The defense had its best game this year with five interceptions, and special teams became a weapon. But the jets have not coped with prosperity in recent years. They have only had two winning streaks in the last two years, and every big victory seems to be followed by a crushing loss and then a lost stretch. The animals must show that they can play consistently well, and if they do this early in the season, it can set the tone for something special. And a victory would put them in a good position in the division.

Dolphins: They come out of one of the strangest and frightening games ever played after they beat Titans 27-20 in seven hours and 10 minutes – the longest game in NFL history thanks to two flash losses. It was a gritty win, and now the dolphins are trying to prove that they can exceed expectations – expect them to compete for a playoff place this season. A victory over the jets would be cute for rivalry and junk-specific purposes – Jets fans have been riding a lot high since last week's win. It would also establish dolphins as a team that could potentially surprise some people this season.

Key Matchup

Dolphins DEs Cameron Wake and Robert Quinn vs. Jets Offensive Line: One of the reasons that Darnold could have so much success against the lion was that he was never really in compulsion for the first two units in game. But with Wake and Quinn rushing from the outside it's unlikely that things will go as smoothly for the jets this time.

"Both [are]" top edge rushers, both cause a problem, "Jets coach Todd Bowles said. "Obviously, they got them down there, when they rush four the two will seem like rushing six. They will create a big problem, we have our work cut out for us."

It's going to be impossible for the jets to play the duo perfectly. But if they can limit the pressure and the bags, they will be fine. But if Quinn and Wake gets loose and Darnold looks over his shoulder, it might be a bad day

How they will win

Jets: They did not receive any bags last week against the lions, but they put a lot of pressure on quarterback Matthew Stafford and forced him to mistake. And that's the recipe for the jets again. They must make Ryan Tannehill uncomfortable and force at least one turnover. (Tannehill threw two picks Week 1.) But even more important than Jets is to establish the driving game. Jets did a good job in week 1 with 169 meters rushing. If they can run the ball on the dolphins, it will hold the Wake-Quinn combination of Darnold's back. If the 21-year-old has time to throw, and can avoid the big mistake he had last week, it should be a happy opener for the jets.

Dolphins: We already know that the pass rate will be the key to Miami. If dolphins can make life difficult on Darnold, their chance of gaining up exponentially increases. But they will also need to find a way to make goals on jets suddenly ugly defense. And this job falls on the dolphins' talented receiving team and coach Adam Gase. Recipient DeVante Parker could play Sunday, he returned to training all week from a cracked finger. Mix in Kenny Stills, Danny Amendola and Jakeem Grant, all versatile, and the dolphins can throw a little funky look on the jets. If they can find a way to get three touchdowns, it may be enough to win against a rookie quarterback that still has a lot to prove.


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