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How the net can write Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and DeAndre Jordan

It has been no secret that Brooklyn Nets intends to sign both Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving . But can they also add Other Jordan ?

Brooklyn currently has only seven players on their list of guaranteed next season contracts. They have more flexibility than most other teams in the NBA will have this offseason considering that they can create the room, possibly for two maximum offers.

The front office would still have some major hoops to jump through even to add these

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If they refrain from all their free agency hats, which include All Star -guard D 'Angelo Russell United States TODAY Sports Media Groups Yossi Gozan project would have about $ 66.9 million in space. They can increase that figure to $ 68.7 million if they refrain from both Shabazz Napier and Treveon Graham who both participate in non-guaranteed agreements.

Durant can sign a deal with the net worth $ 164 million over four years with a cap of $ 38.1 million next season. Irving can make $ 140 million over four years with a $ 32.7 million cap in 2019-20.

Even without both Napier and the Graham clip, they would be 383.9KK short the two maximum offers for both Durant and Irving. As such, their front office is likely to run a trade ( Spencer Dinwiddie Joe Harris or Rodions Kurucs ) this summer.

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If either player were willing to take less than the full max to keep the team intact, they could hold onto the above mentioned players. But if there is no agreement, expect the network to make another cost-saving move to accommodate both superstars.

In any case, their space space will be fully utilized in such a scenario, meaning that they would no longer qualify for the mid-level or two-year exemption exemption.

This means that the rest of their grid would have to be filled with the mid-level exception (worth $ 4.7 million) and the lowest deal. This is by far the most obvious way they would have to bring in Jordan, as the league insider Marc Stein reported earlier today.

If he were willing to accept such a deal, he would be an interesting addition to the network, as they suddenly look like top competitors at the Eastern Conference.

Jordan would provide strong protocols, especially as a rim guard and rebounds along with developing great man Jarrett Allen in his front-wheel rotation. He would also get a veteran presence to a team that could not make an impact in the playoffs.

But one of the main reasons that the team may want Jordan is to try to help attract Durant to the net. The two are apparently very close to buddies and the Golden State Warriors and New York Knicks had both liked the great man of the past – possibly for the same reason.

As such, it is possible that the network could add Irving and Durant and Jordan this summer.

The rest of their roster would only be the least offerings, including second rounds Nicolas Claxton (Georgia) and Jaylen Hands (UCLA), whose latter is more likely suited to a two-way contract.

Other free agents may be interested in entering discounted rates to stay in the metropolitan area and playing with the new consumer, but with Durant out for the whole season with a ruined Achilles, a one-year deal will be much less attractive.

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