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How Spanish media reacted at the end of the era

The morning after Cristiano Ronaldo's departure from Real Madrid to Juventus was confirmed, the Spanish media fought to greet his contribution to Bernabeu and discussed why he left now wondering how he could ever be replaced …

Marca: There will never be anyone like him. Cristiano leaves the legend of the 451

AS: Ciao, Cristiano – it was nice while it lasted

Sport: Shock Cristiano – Madrid accepts the request from his star and sells him to Juventus for 105 million euros. Blancos club is left without his references after his and Zidane's farewell, and Florentino has to get his checkbook out

Mundo Deportivo: CR Sette – Cristiano Ronaldo leaves Real Madrid and leads to Juve, four years and 112 million. After losing his marker (450 goals in nine years), Florentino launches his network for Neymar

El Mundo: Cristiano Ronaldo, the man who changed Real Madrid's modern history

"Play club scorer with 450 and full-time" pichichi "in the Champions League (120), he leaves after nine years and 16 trophies including four champion leagues. His figure is now on the same level as (Alfredo) Di Stefano and he will continue in Juventus a rivalry with (Lionel) Messi who is the biggest in football. Cristiano Ronaldo enters Real Madrid's story as the man who was one step forward, an unpleasant guy whose will to always want to make goals transformed the best club from the 20th century into a dominated Europe at the beginning of 21st. "

Marca: 33 Now Madrid was getting tired of his threats

"Cristiano turned and Real Madrid started losing. Or to draw, which is the same for this club where only victories count. Usually in the last nine years to start matches that won 1,029 to zero when Portuguese played Los Blan cos must now accept the difficult reality to start again at 0-0 … But if any club can take such a loss, it's them … Cristiano leaves Real Madrid as he threatened to for years, without realizing that one day they would call their bluff and open the door. "

El Pais: Goal is not Love

" Football is so entangled that 45 days after becoming European champion for a third consecutive year, Real Madrid has lost its two main symbols – Zinedine Zidane and Cristiano Ronaldo. It seems that there are not enough trophies or goals to satisfy everyone. It happened to the coach, and now it's the flyer icon for the last nine years. And in both cases divorces did not only divide money. You just have to contrast the cold divorce between CR and the club – with two statements – and Zidan's public emotional farewell. "

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