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How Matt LaFleur's employment changes Packer's offseason plans

After passing, most fans do not really rush. Solve the pass rush, maybe upgrade the offensive line deep and fill the right guard spot, but really everyone in the Packer Nation wants to talk about this offseason will fix the pass rush.

Like they should. It is obvious that this is a hole on this team, no matter what Kyler Fackrell's shining speech says. Nick Perry can't be healthy. Clay Matthews will make a great Raider. Reggie Gilbert can only be a guy and Kendall Donnerson is a great ball of tools.

The offensive line may use some upgrades, but more about the latter.

Defensively, Packers will be substantially consistent throughout the year. Mike Pettine will continue as a defensive coordinator and even though he has a reputation for shaping his approach to suit his players, we can surely assume that there will be myriad flash appearance, double-A gap printing, and blend blend. We know what it looks like and where the Packers need to get better: off linebacker first and foremost an upgrade in safety, and maybe someone to drive for more time inside linebacker.

Matt LaFleur's arrival at Green Bay presents much greater trickle-down effects in terms of roasting. His misdemeanor does not give priority to all the same things that Packers did during Mike McCarthy, but fortunately, the blocking systems will remain intact. It should not change the kind of offensive linemen that Packers might target in the free agency or draft. Ted Thompson and now Brian Gutekunst have a type of draft and they maintain continuity of that kind under LaFleur.

Not everyone on Titan's roster fits what LaFleur wanted to do, including along the offensive track, but Quinton Spain has some of the athletic features of the Packers Prize in a guard, dressed size and fast enough feet. He played solid football for Tennessee and would be a clear upgrade on the right guard for Packers. His knowledge of the system and his talent could make him an intuitive addition to the free agency.

There is also a potentially important philosophical approach to consider this offseason. Sean McVay came to LA and switched the frames, but that front office picked him up with talent. So aside from just considering the fit of the system, it is a case that Packers will come back to reload a crime that most of the time has been lost by Ted Thompson in recent years. It has been years since Green Bay spent the premium draft on a skill player and while they are bouncing like Davante Adams and Aaron Jones are behind them a plethora of question marks. Being aggressive in free agencies and drafting around Rodgers, and by extension LaFleur, with gaming companies, is the best way to put the new head coach into success.

This draft is rich with tight endings, so much so that Iowa may not have one, but two guys go in top 40-50 picks. There are half a dozen other guys who could go in the top 1

00, maybe more. It may be more important to add a pedigree in that position with LaFleur this week.

Initially, LaFleur's arrival was able to speed up Jimmy Graham's departure. McCarthy's use of his staff with Graham in particular last season was worrying, but the evidence is clear: Jimmy Graham can't block. And in LaFleur's crime, it just won't work. There are plenty of opportunities to hand out tight ends, but so much of the crime is dependent on having a tight end that at least threatens to block someone, it's hard to see justifying the 12.6 million cap on a part-time player.

Green Bay can appoint him as one after June 1st cut and has only about $ 4 million in dead caps on his books. The $ 8 million difference can be used to sign a quality player or two and make this team more well rounded.

The Packers should continue the experiment with Big Bob Tonyan and giving Marcedes Lewis another go would be meaningful given his blocking ability – provided he tells the school that Rodgers is changing McCarthy's game is not a dealbreaker for Green Bay. But with Lance Kendricks it is unlikely that it will not be back, it will not suffice for the tight end position, not in this crime where LaFleur and other Mike / Kyle Shanahan disciples will use two and even three tight ends with regularity.

Considering transitional prisoners, Davante Adams works no matter what system is running, and Marquez Valdes-Scantling's speed should be a blessing to the types of shots LaFleur loves to plan. Prime Randall Cobb would have been perfect for this new crime with his rapid traction-athleticism and potential in retrospect. Unfortunately, that player hasn't played in Green Bay since 2014. There are glimpses, like his incredible game-winning touchdown against Bears, but on a snap-to-snap basis, he simply can't give it anymore.

LaFleur loves to give recipients a chance to capture and run, whether it is possible to cross routes underneath, on the receivers' screens or on slopes. As dynamic as Adams can be after the catch, Packers would benefit from the addition of a Cobb-like player. There will be alternatives in the free agency like the ex-Lions star Golden Tate that showed up at the weekend, he still has a juice in these legs at 30 years old. For a player who drives for the catch as a back, he should have no problem being effective in his thirties. Want to find a better use for the $ 8 million Packers can save by cutting Graham? Found it

Can the packages surprise and use one of their first batches on a pass-catcher? Most recipients in the class are great maulers, but there are some exciting names to look at. Oklahoma Marquise Browns may be small (5,169; 9,168) but may well be the fastest player in college football and was dynamic after the capture in Norman. Parris Campbell from Ohio State was able to further develop Packer's development of striking gold in the second round of the receiver. Buckeyes used him in the backfield and handed out. His playmaking jumped off the screen as I studied Dwayne Haskins.

Just look at how Ram's offensive has struggled to a relative degree with his weapon Cooper Cup since his injury. The ability to quickly open and create after the catch can be an important weapon for this crime in Green Bay and they do not have a player right now who can fill that role.

While there are players on the margins who can come in and help this team, as a suitable return, security help and more, they would be needed no matter who is calling the shots in green Vik. The Packer's front office has its work cut out to identify and fill the voids to get the team back to the Super Bowl, but at least there is a clear identity on both sides of the ball. This type of focus has been lacking in recent years and continuity should make it easier to identify players who could come in and help. The packs invest heavily on a young coach to enter and upgrade this team. They have to tailor the offseason to give him every chance to live up to those expectations.

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