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How ELD Devices Will Improve the Trucking Industry

As of the 18th of December, last year, the ELD Mandate dictates that the majority of commercial motor vehicles are required by law to have ELDs installed in them. Although this is the biggest and most important reason why you should have ELDs installed into your vehicles, it is not the only good reason to do it. As you will see from the following post, there are a wide variety of ways ELDs will potentially improve the trucking industry

Reduces The Amount of Admin Involved

In the past, it used to be that fleet drivers and owner-operators had to record and log their Hours of Service so that their employers always knew what they were doing. With the introduction of ELDs, however, there is no need to record your HOS anymore manually. ELDs will do it automatically and even deliver it to the appropriate people in your company or organization. 

When drivers are spending less time on admin work, they have more free time to devote to their job. 

Reduces the Amount of Fuel Wasted

With high quality and sophisticated fleet management system and ELD, you can assess how long drivers are spending idling. Using information derived from an ELD, therefore, you can determine if drivers are spending too long idling or simply doing it too often. This could save you hundreds and maybe even thousands a month, through the reduction in fuel wastage alone.

Monitor the Vehicle̵

7;s Diagnostics

ELDs are automatically connected to the diagnostics port in a vehicle. This means it can easily and constantly monitor the vehicle’s system performance and identify fault codes. This can help you and your drivers to be ahead of any maintenance and repair issues that come up with alerts provided in real-time and comprehensive reporting.

Even more so than just identifying fault codes and altering you to them, the ELD can help spot any issues that keep reoccurring. This enables you to take precautionary measures before it’s too late, which will, in turn, lead to better productivity.

Tracks Location and Offers Better Management of Routes

With ELDs in place, you can monitor the vehicles in your fleet more accurately using GPS tracking. As well as enabling you to see where your drivers and their vehicles are in real-time, it can also help reduce distractions and improve productivity.

You don’t need to constantly chase up your drivers, as you can see where they are always. The GPS tracking, in conjunction with location history and breadcrumb trail features, can help you and your drivers devise better routes.

Obviously, better management of the routes drivers takes helps to make everything run smoother and meet deadline easier, but it also can reduce the amount of money spent on fuel.

Highlights Drivers With Bad Habits

ELDs allow you to track your drivers and highlights any bad habits they may have. Whether it’s hard cornering, hard braking, or being heavy-footed on the accelerator, the information recorded by ELDs can help you identify these bad behaviors. Backed by the hard facts, you can then sit down with them, talk to them, warn them if necessary and show them ways they can improve. 

This will help to reduce the number of liabilities and accidents that occur with your fleet. Using the information, you can also determine the drivers that perhaps need refresher training courses and the ones who need to be rewarded for their excellent performance. The knock-on effect of this is that the retention rates of your drivers will increase as will their motivation to do their best.

Reduce Insurance Costs

Fleets with vehicles that have ELDs installed receive better insurance prices. This is because there is so much evidence that shows ELDs are responsible for improving the safety of fleets. Furthermore, as most ELDs have additional GPS tracking features, there is less chance of vehicles being hijacked or stolen, so are far lower risks to insurance companies.

ELDs Can Increase Profits

Finally, ELDs can have a positive impact on a company’s profits. The operational costs are reduced because there is less admin involved in logging HOS of drivers. Insurance premiums are also lower on vehicles with ELDs, and by utilizing the idle-tracking features and other similar features, route management can be improved and enhanced, and fuel wastage reduced.

All of this results in better profits because you are simply paying out less on other things. The money you make with jobs before you have ELDs in place will be dramatically lower than afterward because your outgoings are much lower.

If you have yet to invest in ELDs for your fleet and your vehicles are those outlined in the ELD Mandate that should, there is no better time than the present. In addition to keeping you compliant, there are various great ways they are improving the trucking industry.

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