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How do democrats solve their "Mueller problem"?

On Sunday evening, these expectations had fallen.

It is the question that the Democrats from Capitol Hill to the 2020 campaign are running today as they begin to recalculate their political strategy after Mueller's less than expected report (or at least Barr's summary of Mueller's report.)

There are some in the party who believe there are many healthy political reasons ahead of them by driving the investigations into Trump, his administration, his business interests, his charity, and his president's transition efforts. And while Mueller may have cleared Trump's collusion, he didn't particularly give the president's liberation on obstruction ̵

1; and it should give the party a drawing on how to carry this fight forward.

"In light of the great deal of deviations and final decision-making at the Justice Department following the Special Council's report, in which Mueller did not release the president, we will call General Barr's attorney to testify for @HouseJudiciary in the near future," . tweeted House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (DN.Y.) on Sunday night.

When Nadler is far from being alone in the party when it comes to continuing the investigations in Trump, some divergent opinions were held on Monday by the party's consultant class.

A democratic bollard sent me an exchange between Ulysses Grant and William Tecumseh Sherman after the first day of Shiloh's battle to explain his view of Mueller. 19659002] "Well, we've had the devil's own day, haven't we?" Sherman said. "Yes, lick them im tomorrow," Grant replied.

Said the poller: "We must focus on licking President Trump 2020. It should always be the goal."

It's about "licking" Trump is best done by continuing to aggressively use the congressional monitoring powers to investigate the administration – including on Russia's issues or to move forward to make a broader issue like Trump's policies, whether in economics, commerce , immigration, etc., has been bad for the average American?

And democrats are at least currently involved in the answer to that question.

The Point : Mueller's result removes the possibility of beating Trump will be a slam dunk, and raising the stakes on how best for Democrats to approach the campaign to oppose the existing president.

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