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How Barcelona and Lionel Messi can turn on the recovery button after the Champions League disaster

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The last time Barcelona conceded eight goals in a match, World War II had just ended. You have to go back to 1946 to find a night that will even be as embarrassing as what took place in Lisbon on Friday. Bayern Munich not only dominated Barca with a score of 8-2, they humiliated a team that was outclassed, superimposed and surpassed in 90 minutes, which gave the most shocking result line in Barca̵

7;s rich history.

Here’s a closer look at Barca’s disastrous Champions League outcome.

Over before it started

Outside the ridiculous result line, this one felt right from the start. Whether it was some tired legs on the Barca side, the lack of sharpness in the attack or Gerard Pique being spun in circles, Barca had no chance. It all starts with highers-ups, who decided to get a coach in Quique Setien. Setien has no identity and had no business even to get the job – one he lost just moments after the pistol. He obviously could not motivate his team when it mattered most and brought as much passion to the line as a sleepy Gareth Bale. Let’s be realistic – he seems to be a nice gentleman but has never won anything as a manager in his professional career. He would never be the person to return Barca to glory.

On the field

But on the pitch, there is hardly anything to get excited about. Lionel Messi can not do everything. The team whiff at more transfer targets than anyone else in the world and there is a confidence level of zero from the outside. Of course, the law knows that the potential is there, but they have not shown it in over a year.

With several beginners on the wrong side of 30, it feels like the rock bottom and / or the tipping point for a club that is dying to reach the top of the continent again. While Marc-Andre Ter Stegen scored eight goals, his terrible defense is to blame. Barca met 26 shots at night, of which 13 went on target.

The attack gave only seven total shots, the pass was not sharp and far too many chances went right at Manuel Neuer. The coach gave his players an extra tactical briefing during the break, and after that their players had solid organization.

What comes next?

It’s more than just Barca who fail to win a trophy in a season for the first time in over a decade, it’s about what comes next. There will be sales. Setie is already gone, and many of these players will no longer play for the club again. Whether Lionel Messi is in that group remains to be seen, even though he is under contract for next season. But would he really be willing to come back to the club after such a heartbreaking show? The chance is yes, but provided that things change immediately.

“I’m in pain,” Pique said after the match. “We are all. We can not compete like that. It is very, very tough to take. Nothing more is worth saying. The club needs change. Not just the players, I do not want to point anyone out.”

Barca have elections coming next summer that could change the club’s mentality into the future, but at the moment it can not get much worse. Better players are needed, especially defensively, and a tactician who can bring out the best in these players, especially along the back line, must be the manager’s choice.

The coming weeks will largely determine which direction Barcelona goes, and the next summer election even more. Will it take a return from Xavi to get this team to the top again? There is a lot of work to do and a little luck is needed for this team to really compete in UCL again. At the moment, it’s about trying to find some form of stability.

The club’s famous motto is “Més que un club”, which is Catalan for “more than one club.” Right now, they hardly look like one.

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