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House Democrats expose Mueller's testimony in a week

WASHINGTON – House Democrats said on Friday that they had fired up to July 24, two hearings with Robert S. Mueller III, who had been scheduled to take place next week, to allow for extended questioning by the former special council.

Turnover, after a negotiation time with mr. Mueller's associates came as both Democrats and Republicans were deep in preparing for testimony. The back-to-back hearings are expected to be a crucial moment for Parliament's investigation into possible barriers to justice and abuse of power by President Trump.

The Democrats in the Chamber The Court and Intelligence Committees first entered into an agreement with Mr Mueller late last month for his public testimony and to question two of his highest deputies at the end of Sunday, July 1

7. They had been negotiating for weeks after the release of their 448-page report on Russia's election inspiration 2016 and possibly obstacles to justice through Mr Trump.

[Read the Mueller Report.]

But there had been permanent concerns. The Ministry of Justice objected to Mueller's deputies and led them not to appear. And the rank-and-file Republicans and Democrats complained about the time constraints on Mueller's testimony, which would have meant that most freshman legislators would not be able to question the former special council.

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