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Hit AM: Issaquah High School Has a Touch of Measles; Trump Releases Financial Disclosure; Ear Infection? There's an App for That – Beat

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Issaquah High School is closed after measles exposure : It turns out that every single kid in the school has their MMR shots up to date, but a staff member is one of five confirmed cases of measles in the area. entire staff to make sure nobody else has measles before they can leave the students back to school. Back when i went to high school, we had snow days, local holidays, and even the occasional bomb threat to get off school, but not even once did we get the day off because a teacher came down with measles.

Housing nonprofit gets $ 1

5 million donation to build high rises for the homeless : Plymouth Housing will use the money to build three permanent supportive housing complexes in the International District, Lower Queen Anne, and Cherry Hill totaling 300 units. Permanent supportive housing is different from shelters in it, well, permanently or at least long term. It is expensive, but in the end more effective and especially crucial for serving clients with disabilities or mental illness, according to the [Seattle Times] . If you think you're thinking, "Don't worry, they've got a lot more checks with plenty of zeros from other fundraising rolling in.


The public will get a look at Donald Trump's financial disclosure today : No, not his tax returns, different tax documents that have more light on how much money he has now. In the wake of the New York Times report that Trump solved upwards of $ 1 trillion over a decade, more than any other American, finding out how much money the blowhard in chief has been important to some people. While we get a weird glimpse into his finances today, the legal fight to get his actual tax returns continues in the courts and in the House.


Seattle International Film Festival starts today! If you're not going to cancel all your plans and change that because they've got a banging lineup of movies playing all month (you know it's the biggest film festival, right?). Check out The Stranger 's guide to SIFF. Come on, take a break from watching reruns or The Office and commit to reading some goddamn subtitles.


Do you feel guilty about living on a country like Yeah me too, but there is something we can do about it: you can start paying rent. Think of the Duwamish as the ultimate landlord for Seattle real estate and now an organization called Real Rent Duwamish has a nonprofit for you to send your rent check to once a year or even every month. No, it doesn't fix the history of cultural genocide against native people but it does achieve the dual purpose of raising money ($ 300,000 in total since 2017, not too shabby) and recognizing Duwamish history.


The SAT will provide an "adversity score" based on things like race, socioeconomic background : Standardized tests are dumb and not predictive of real life success. That said, having just taken the GRE, they are really fucking important for getting into college and graduate school. The SAT will now provide colleges with a new metric they are calling an adversity score that is essentially a measure of privilege. Did this student go to a high-crime high school? Did their parents go to college? How much money does their family make? What race are they? All these questions get factored into that score. Colleges don't necessarily have to use the adversity scores, but it's a reality that the standardized testing game is set against kids who can't afford test prep

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announces presidential bid : How ridiculous is it that we're still too late a year ago from the 2020 elections and my first reaction. The Blasio is positioning itself as a tough New Yorker with a progressive track record that can take on Trump. Here's his announcement video, you know how I love a good announcement video.

How great was that weather yesterday? So great. I spent the whole morning outside, then was ready to lounge by the time it started raining. Today is going to look pretty similar to maybe a bit more rain.

There's an app for that : University of Washington researchers created an app that can detect the infection, the path of every parent's existence. Your kid won't stop screaming because their ear feels like it's on fire, but there's not a lot you can do. Now you can at least diagnose the problem from the comfort of your own home. It essentially works like with the speaker sending out soft chirps that the microphone then picks up to see if there is fluid buildup behind the eardrum. I'm looking forward to the app that will tell me if I'm having a heart attack or just feeling the effects of six cups of coffee.


Now list here you $ #!% : Why play guitar with six strings when you can have eight?


Tonight's best Seattle entertainment options include: SIFF's opening-night screening and party for Sword of Trust with Lynn Shelton and Marc Maron, a concert with Oakland-based rap collective Hieroglyphics, and Ligia Lewis's performance art piece Sorrow Swag .

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