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Here's why Jet Set Radio Future is not available on Xbox One Backward Compatibility

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<p>  Last week, Microsoft surprised a number of Xbox One owners by announcing a <b> list of original Xbox titles that would be compatible with the system, </b> with many of them coming on Tuesday. This includes some elite favorites including <i> SSX 3, Panzer Dragoon Orta, Conker: Live & Reloaded </i> ] and <i> Jade Empire </i> along with a series of <i> Star Wars </i> titles coming next week. </p>
<p>  But a game that fans did not see on the list ̵<div class=
1; but desperately wanted it – was ] Jet Set Radio Future . This futuristic skate / graffiti sprayer has become a legend in the original Xbox and fans hoped they could skate through Neo Tokyo on Microsoft's new machine. Okay, that's not the case. 19659003] Why but? Is there anything going back This Xbox classic from turning the head to new disadvantages? ole? Surprisingly, there is.

Slide 1/4 – Other titles to explore
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<p>  First and Sega can look for its original Xbox library and take over a number of titles before jumping into both feet with <i> Jet Set Radio Future </i>. For example, the action / shooter <i> Gunvalkyrie </i> is considered by many be an old-class classic, with beautiful pictures and sounds, along with razors of sharp burned gigs. And let's not forget <i> Sega Soccer Slam </i> either. The game was originally made backward compatible on Xbox 360 a while back, and has become a cool favorite then presenting it on the Xbox One would not be the worst idea out there. </p>
<p>  There are also other games to consider, it would probably be popular based on franchise alone as the underappreciated <i> Shadow the Hedgehog </i> and <i> House of the Dead III </i>. </p>
<p>  But when it comes to it, a bigger problem can pave the way for <i> Jet Set Radio Future </i> s port to Xbox One – and it's hard to overlook. </p><div>
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Slide 2/4 – Epic Soundtrack – Maybe For Epic
Slide 3/4 – A number of two audio tracks
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<p>  Previous Sega released the game <i> Crazy Taxi </i> on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. To be able to cross through the city streets at the highest speed again, it was a noticeable change – the soundtrack. </p><div>
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The original arcade soundtrack has features like Offspring, Bad Religion and more. But when you play these new versions, maybe the soundtrack is drastically different, with some new artists in place. People still loved the game, but did not favor the new audio track compared to that

Now, Sega could find a problem about this issue with Jet Set Radio Future problem, but it means creating a completely new soundtack as a result. – and given how iconic sound spell The year is, maybe it's not good with the fans. But a re-release would certainly be better than nothing.

Sega restored the original Crazy Taxi audio track in future releases of the game, so nothing is impossible. The company can simply wait its time to try to get the entire JSRF audio track intact before jumping off the deep end and ending the game to the new hardware.

Slide 4/4 – Even though Jet Set Radio Future does not happen, it can still have a future

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