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Here’s what opens again Friday in the Bay Area

San Francisco on Friday will open the restaurant outdoors, Monterey County welcomes back tourists, Sacramento County will open its bars and Los Angeles County will allow gyms to resume their operations, as counties around the state continue to unleash their shelter on site. in Coronavirus order.

But figuring out what you can do – and where – can be an exercise in confusion as the Bay Area and the state remain governed by a web of different rules. Who opens what is due to a multitude of complex factors, including state permits and calculations made by individual county health officials even when COVID-19 cases are counted in the Bay Area and throughout California continues to rise. The state has now reported more than 1

40,000 cases and 4,800 deaths.

From Friday, Bay Area guests can enjoy outdoor meals at their favorite restaurants everywhere except Alameda County – which has the region’s largest COVID-19 caseload. Contra Costa County on the other hand is going faster. As of next Wednesday, it will be the first in the Bay area with five counties allowing hair salons and barber shops to reopen.

“We balance community health with the impact on our economy and so many of our businesses as well,” said Candace Andersen, chair of the Contra Costa County Supervisors Board. “And then you throw in the emotional impact on individuals.”

But compared to other California counties that on Friday open bars, gyms and other facilities that are considered potentially more risky in spreading the virus, the Bay Area is moving more cautiously.

Marin County is taking a big step toward re-opening Friday, allowing for indoor sales and house cleaning. Campsites at 28 state parks will also open on Friday, including Half Moon Bay State Beach on the San Mateo Coast.

Sunvalley Shopping Center in Concord opened its doors on Thursday. But in Santa Clara County, Westfield Valley Fair is planning the mall to open again Monday, the same day, indoor shopping in San Francisco resumes.

Although Los Angeles County has been a hotspot COVID-19, officials there have already opened hairdressing salons and hairdressing salons, restaurants and stores. On Friday, gyms, museums and campsites will reopen, and film and TV crews can resume rolling. Orange County, Disneyland and Disney California Adventure have announced plans to reopen July 17. And in Sacramento County, bars, movie theaters and campgrounds will also be open Friday.

As a state, California is in phase two of the reopening, allowing services such as retail on the curb, laundries, pet care, landscaping and outdoor museums. More than 50 counties, including Los Angeles, Contra Costa, Napa, Sonoma and Monterey, have received special permission from the governor’s office to proceed.

But taking advantage of that dispensation involves risks. When Contra Costa County reopens hair salons, Andersen acknowledged that next Wednesday, residents from across the Bay Area can flock to her county to get her hair cut – potentially carrying the virus.

Hair Illusions Salon in Tracy opened again two weeks ago. Now the deal is up to at least 50% from the levels before the pandemic, and as many as 15% of customers come outside the county, says Rosa Ngauamo, who together owns the salon with her parents.

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