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Here's how the Galaxy Note 10 will fight the iPhone 11

So far, most rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 cameras have talked about how to arrange them rather than what the actual lenses are and what they can do. But a couple of recent leaks give concrete details that should have attention.

And given that the iPhone 11 will be a great camera upgrade – and that Pixel 4 is around the corner – it is important that Samsung step up its camera game.

 Galaxy S10 5G's rear cameras. Credit: Empty Guide Galaxy S10 5G's rear cameras. Credit: Tom's Guide First, it is possible that a time-of-flight sensor can be displayed on both the basic notes 10 and the note 10 Pro. This is based on Korean outlet ETNews (via BGR), which reported that the component magazine MCNEX, which makes Samsung's fingerprint sensors and cameras, opens a new $ 13 billion ($ 11.2 million or 8.8 million converted) factory to make TOF sensors.

Samsung has received its TOF sensors from Partron, another component company. But it is not unreasonable to believe that Samsung would make some extra help in producing enough sensors. What can you do with TOF? As we saw in our Galaxy S10 5G review, Bokeh effects portraits allow for more precise separation between the foreground and the background. But ToF can also enable better AR experiences.

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[19659002] The second part of the news comes from the reliable Samsung leaker Ice Universe. A new tweet from the account says that Samsung's engineers from China claim that note 10 will have a three-phase variable aperture on the camera. For photo geeks, the IU also gives the f digits: F1.5, F1.8 and F2.4.

Samsung has already used a two-stage opening (F1.5 and F2.4) on a 12-MP sensor. This is the premier camera available in the Galaxy S9 and S10 series of phones, and one that we have found is taking great pictures. The addition of a third step seems like a reasonable decision to make after two years of using the same technology and would make the camera even more versatile by giving it extra control over how much light hits the sensor in a given situation. [19659002] Combine this with rumor ultra-short, telephoto and previously mentioned TOF sensors as note 10 is supposed to be and you will have a smartphone with a lens for every occasion. Who knows, it can even have the potential to take on the smartphone camera kings like Huawei P30 Pro.

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