The debate is on.

Last year's next race was pretty boring, with four key top seed locks squared away before the NCAA committee revealed the fixture to the country on the Selection Sunday.

This year, it is very different, with a close battle between North Carolina, Tennessee and Gonzaga for the last two No. 1 seeds. Duke and Virginia are top # 1 seed locks, with Blue Devils & # 39; two wins over Cavalier's key factor in being the NCAA's best overall seed.


a) Duke : The Blue Devils (29-5) risked falling to number 2 line for a short period when Zion Williamson recovered from a minor knee injury. Duke went 3-3 during that period, but Williamson's return to the ACC tournament fortified Duke stands as the best team in college basketball. This season, they won two major games over other top-seed Virginia, with references played by a No. 3 NET score and the country's second-best strength of the schedule.

] 2a) Virginia: Had the Cavaliers (29-3) not lost to Duke twice, their profile would probably have given them the top overall seed for the second year in a row. Virginia has the best NET score, a top 25 level in the schedule and 12 Quadrant 1 (top 30 home, top 30 neutral, top 75 away) wins. In addition, its three losses (the second against the Florida state in the ACC tournament semi-finals) were all to Quad 1 opponents.

3a) North Carolina : Tar Heels (27-6) have the largest losses and the worst NET score of Nr 1 seeds but their 10 quadrant 1 victories included two victories over Duke when Zion Williamson was injured and a single loss in the ACC tournament semi-final with Williamson in the lineup. UNC's CV is featured by a 15-year victory over Gonzaga in combination with the third best strength of the schedule.

4a) Tennessee: A close call to the committee, Volunteers (29-4) gets the pleasures of Gonzaga based more Quad 1 wins (9 to 4) that included Saturday's SEC tournament semi-final victory over a good Kentucky team. If Vols does not beat Auburn in the SEC last Sunday, there is room to fall to number 2. Gonzaga's West Coast Conference Tournament Loss to Saint Mary finally created an opportunity for a team like Tennessee to move forward as Vol's losses were all against top 6 projected seeds .


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