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Here are the Stadia features that will be available at launch

As we near Stadia's imminent launch, it becomes increasingly clear about how it will work and what we can expect on the first day. Yesterday came the launch of the Stadia mobile app in the Play Store, and since then we have dug it in for information on the much-awaited cloud gaming platform. Google has commented on what we can do with Stadia, but information about what Stadia has is not ready for launch is scarce. Here is a collection of evidence we found in the Stadia app that tells you what may come after the November 19 launch.

About APK Insight : In this & # 39; APK Insight & # 39; post, we have decompiled the latest version of an application that Google uploaded to the Play Store. When we decompile these files (called APKs for Android apps), we can see different lines of code within the hint of possible future features. Keep in mind that Google may not provide these features, and our interpretation of what they are may be incomplete. However, we will try to activate those that are closer to being completed, but to show you what they will look like in case they deliver. With that in mind, read on.

Google Assistant functionality

Google Assistant is one of the core functions of the Stadia, which makes its home right on the controller with its own dedicated button. Three strings that we found indicate that it will not be available immediately upon launch, and that if it is, the in-game functionality for the assistant will come even later.

Tag indicating that Google Assistant during the game is coming soon [1

9659006] Label indicating that the Google Assistant feature is coming soon

Google Assistant on the Stadia is coming soon

It is important to note that the first two strings are intended for developers and people who locate the app so that they can create appropriate language for context and character limits that the text's placement in the app can be restricted by. We see many of these strings around the app, so keep in mind that these strings will probably not be seen by users.

  Stadia launch features

Buddy Pass

Stadia's Buddy Pass feature is a way for founders to share the Stadia Pro experience with their friend over a period of three months. It was not expected to be available immediately upon launch, but the app now confirms it.

Body text that tells the user that they should think about who to send their Buddy Pass to. This is shown before Buddy Pass is actually available to send.

Heading on the information page "coming soon" for the section describing what the buddy pass is.

Title on the information page "coming soon" for friends.

Captures (screenshots, video clips)

Game capture is crucial for anyone who wants to share their experience of the game with the world. We have shown that catches will be part of the Stadia experience for a while, but they may not be available on the first day.

Label indicating that prisoners are coming soon

It also turns out that capture features will be exclusive to mobile and that are not supported on mobile, which means that you cannot capture screenshots or videos in the mobile app , but that's the only place you can view and manage them. This seems like a strange implementation to have early in Stadia's life, but we hope it will be sorted out before Stadia is in the hands of everyone.

A toast message informing the user that Capture functionality is not available on Mobile and suggests playing on a TV or computer where the capture function works. Appears when the user presses the Capture button on a Stadia Controller.

Can't save captures to the app yet. Try a TV or computer.

See your catches in the mobile app

Manage your catches in the mobile app


Like other platforms, Stadia will have a feature for creating group text and voice chats that you can use when you playing a game with your friends. There are many references to parties and invitations in the app, but one string specifically suggests that this Stadia feature is not ready for founders at launch.

The parties are for playing games and chatting together. This is the text of banners that informs that we will soon release the Parties feature.

We also found this "party_invite" image in the app, probably the background for an invitation to join:

<img title = "Here's everything Stages won't be able to launch" class = "size- medium wp-image-322888 aligncenter "src =" https://9to5google.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/2019/11/party_invite.png?w=700 "alt =" Party Invite Background for Stadia [19659028] This feature is crucial to any multiplayer experience, so it makes sense that it is very close to being ready, but it seems that the Stadia team may just miss the deadline. We hope to see this within a week or two after launch, if not on launch day.

Voice chat on mobile

Perhaps related to the Party function, microphone chat will not be available on mobile devices at launch, which can be a great loss for mobile founders, who may only have their phone to play with friends, but it is understandable afterwards if the Stadia controller needs to send both audio and commands via USB. Only one of the launch-supported Stadia phones has a dedicated headphone jack: Pixel 3a.

Play voice is not supported on mobile right now, but the user can still listen to their friends.

No microphone support yet in game chat, coming soon to the app

Stadia Controller Wireless Pairing

It was recently known that the Stadia Controller would only support wired gaming on non-Chromecast Ultra devices at launch. The following strings confirm that wireless support for controllers on other platforms will eventually come. How "soon" it is, we do not know exactly.

Use a USB cable to connect your Stadia Controller to a supported computer or phone or tablet. Wireless linking for these devices is coming soon.

To connect to a supported computer or phone or tablet, use a USB cable to connect your Stadia Controller. Wireless linking for these devices is coming soon.

"Enhanced" accessibility features

As with all products designed for the masses, accessibility is important. Solutions for users with disabilities and / or disabilities have been on other gaming platforms for a while, and it seems that Stadia also makes them a priority. At launch, basic accessibility tools will be available, but these strings say that "improved" versions will be available later.

Improved screen reader coming soon!

Improved text-to-speech capabilities are coming soon. [19659008] 9to5Google's Take

Take what we have said here with a grain of salt. Some of these strings may reflect older versions of the app that were tested internally and could have changed since then. Many of these Stadia features are undoubtedly important for the platform, and we hope to see them either at launch or very soon after. For founders, this can mean a period of limited get-go functionality that will gradually improve over time. We hope that Stadia can still make a good impression during the launch week, even if there are no extra features.

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