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Her daughter licks heavy depressor, puts it back in the jar: Cops

  Tongue depression.

Tongue depressors.

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A Florida woman who filmed her daughter licks a heavy depressor is now loaded with a crime, according to a report from the New York Daily News .

In a viral video, the 10-year-old daughter of the 30-year-old Cori Ward is seen with a heavy depression from a can at a doctor's office in Jacksonville. She licks it and puts it back in the glass jar, placed next to a sign that says "Don't touch medical supplies."

Ward, who recorded the video, was arrested on Thursday morning by the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office for a charge of tampering with consumer products regardless of any death or bodily injury, shows prison games.

Daily News reports the video filmed at All About Kids and Families Medical Center and published in Snapchat. Someone else recorded the video and sent it to Facebook, where it was widely shared.

In a video interview with News4Jax, Ward said she was "just stupid" with her children at the doctor's office after a long wait. [19659004] "It has ruined my life right now," she told the local news station.

Ward is held at Duval County Failure without binding. She is scheduled to appear in court on Friday morning.

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