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Helge's Sturgeon Moon is the last full moon of the summer

The warm evenings and nights are a big part of summer's magic. Although we would always suggest that you look as quickly as possible, this is especially good at doing this.

Helge's Sturgeon Moon is the last full moon in the summer. "The full moon in August is often called Sturgeon Moon, according to Old Farmers Almanac, to make sturgeon (a kind of fish) easier caught in August and early September, writes Jesse Emspak on Space.com.

While this year's Sturgeon Moon is technically full at 07:58 on Sunday, after sunrise on the east coast, both Saturday night and Sunday night will reach 99 percent or greater lighting. Even Friday night, the moon will be almost full when it rises shortly after 7 in the southeast southeastern sky.

You will continue to want to see the southeastern East in the coming nights.

Moonrise will be there about half an hour later every night of the weekend, translating into 19:39 Saturday in the Washington area and 8:11 pm Sunday.

The proximity to moonrise and sunset, just before 8, promises great opportunities to capture both celestial events in short order. The sunrise moon rise coincides with what is called read the "blue hour" when the soft light gives a good time for photography.

August night sky. (Brian Murphy / Butler University)

This year's Sturgeon Moon is adapting nicely with the planetary party in progress. Shortly after sunset you can catch the nearest full moon that joins Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Venus that extend across the southern horizon.

The cloudy regions for Saturday and Sunday nights are located in central and northwestern parts of the lower 48. Other places may not have two clear nights, but at least they should have a clear night.

In the Washington area, both nights should offer some clearing. The clouds of the two can be Saturday night. The temperature will be on the cold side for a summer Saturday night, dipping to the 60's too low. It will be a little soft sunday night and night. Both will be more than comfortable.

The only thing left to do is look up when the day is ready. See you out there!

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