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Has Musk already revealed the Tesla pickup truck to the world?

In April, Tesla CEO Elon Musk posted a tweet from Starship on Mars. Did he show the Tesla truck in the same tweet? Evidence that the truck reveals seems even more true now with the latest developments.

Maybe we don't have to wait until the official unveiling of the Tesla truck in November to have a solid idea of ​​what it will really look like.

With the latest comments from Musk about the prominent appearance of the upcoming Tesla truck, the vehicle seen in this April 29 tweet basically fits the description. Musk stated that the truck looks more like a futuristic passenger carrier than any of those who do the floating on the Internet. And that's exactly what we're seeing right here.

  Tesla Truck

Here is the tweet from Musk dated April 29, 2019:

And no, we did not reveal this ourselves, but rather via a very eye-popping tipster who added that the headlights in the single teaser released by Musk (see below) actually lies on the roof of the Tesla truck and not on the front of the vehicle. Notice how the lights match the teaser.

  tesla truck teaser

He goes on to say that we should look at the Signals of Heavy Expanded Mobility (HEMTT) in this Mars image and connect the dots to Musk.

However, the wheels and tires of this Mars truck are over the top, so expect them to be toned in the real version of the Tesla truck.

And last but not least, the truck seen here on Mars seems to have some kind of fold-down bedside, which would be a nice feature unique to Tesla, much like the Falcon Wing doors in Model X.

The puzzle pieces are now gather. It's really in Musk's style to hide something like this simply. What do you think? Could this be our best look on the upcoming Tesla truck yet?

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