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Harvey Weinstein used charges against Matt Lauer to silence NBC, claims Ronan Farrow

In his book that will soon be released "Catch and Kill" journalist Ronan Farrow states that Harvey Weinstein used charges against Matt Lauer as a lever to suppress stories about himself, by making it known to the network that he was aware of Lauer's alleged behavior and capable of revealing it.

One of the stories that NBC allegedly suppressed was Farrow's own Weinstein expose . Farrow eventually took the story to The New Yorker.

In a memo to employees, NBC News chairman Andy Lack defended the network's handling of the Weinstein story, saying that Farrow "simply did not have a history that meets our broadcasting standards."

"Catch and Kill" also reveals new charges against Lauer, who previously worked as an NBC News anchor. Nearly two years after he was fired from the network, Lauer broke his silence Wednesday to respond to Farrow's accusations.

In a fiery public letter Lauer stated that his silence was a mistake, and wrote, "For two years, the women I had had extramarital affairs abandoned shared responsibility, and instead protected themselves from guilt behind false accusations. "

Lauer directed most of her sharp denials to Brooke Nevils, who told Farrow in" Catch and Kill "that Lauer raped her in her hotel room during the Sochi 201

4 2014. [19659002] "There was absolutely nothing aggressive about that meeting …" Lauer wrote. "She was a very enthusiastic and willing partner. She didn't behave in any way in a way that made it seem like she couldn't agree." Lauer also called her accusation "categorically false" and said the relationship was "fully consensual."

In a statement to NBC News on Wednesday, Neville's Lauer open letter called an attempt to bully a former colleague into silence. "I'm not afraid of him now, regardless of his threats … and the shameful and predatory tactics," she said.

Nevils also broke her silence on Twitter on Wednesday, writing that she wanted to "thank the many survivors who shared her stories" with her and "offered her support."

In "Catch and Kill," Farrow also revealed that he disclosed seven sexual misconduct allegations at the workplace against Lauer, which pre-dated his firing in November 2017. In his memo to employees, Lack said all suggestions that executives knew about charges against Lauer before his firing are "completely false and offensive."

"NBC News executives … tend to be very supportive of their executives …" said Stephen Battaglio, a media reporter for the Los Angeles Times. "Unless there is a flagrant inaccuracy, I doubt we will see any type of executive change because of this.

In a statement, NBC called Lauer & # 39; s conduct" scary, horrible and reprehensible "and allowed that he "was dismissed within 24 hours after we first learned the complaint" from Nevils.

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