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Harley-Davidson wants to give Bird & Lime riders a much better experience "with …

Shared electric scooters like those used by Bird and Lime win every day on more riders. But Harley-Davidson wants to show the riders that they can do even better with the brand's upcoming personal electric cars including H-D's electric scooters and e-bikes.

Personal electric cars take over

Bird and Lime took the nation by storm last year when they rolled out common electric scooters.

The electric scooters are let around towns on sidewalks where riders can rent them in minutes. Most tours only cost a few dollars and constitute a more independent (and greener!) Method of urban transport.

Although the reactions have become mixed and criticism is widespread, studies show that the majority of Americans support the new mode of transport. 1

9659004] In fact, electric scooter division has made the new mini-electric motors so popular that many riders simply buy them. With popular electric scooters starting in the $ 300 range, private ownership becomes much more common. And that's where Harley-Davidson believes it can attract a whole new generation of customers. Although their offerings are likely to cost a little more.

 harley-davidson scooter

According to Harley-Davidson Vice President of Product Portfolio in an interview with CNN: [19659010] "It's a great opportunity. For people who use Bird and Lime today, how do we give them a much better experience with a Harley-Davidson brand and lifestyle? "

And the answer is likely to be in Harley-Davidson's newest and most ambitious concept vehicle yet electric motorcycles and scooters.

Harley-Davidson Light Electric Two Wheelers

Harley-Davidson's more well-known movement in the electric vehicle industry is its leading electric motorcycle LiveWire.

That electric motorcycles are reported to be 225 miles in the city. It also has a top speed of 110 km / h. The price tag is quite steep but at $ 29,979.

But besides the upcoming LiveWire, Harley-Davidson has announced four other lighter electric motorcycles concepts that it will roll out in 2022.

 harley-davidson concept scooter

And before you say "okay, but when should we actually see any bikes in the meat?" Harley-Davidson has already shown two of the concepts. Earlier this year they debuted a light electric dirt bike similar to the minimalist CAKE Lime and an electric scooter. They both appeared in January at the 2019 X-Games in Aspen, where a couple of tour project leaders put the light EV through their steps.

In combination with the two bikes, Harley-Davidson also has an electric bike and a light electric motorcycle in work as well. These two are not yet visible in anything other than design representations.

But with serious progress already made, Harley-Davidson seems to be committing a new audience of younger riders. These riders prove to be very positive towards light personal electric vehicles such as electric scooters. Now Harley-Davidson wants to tie them with spotted new designs and high-performance electric two-wheelers.

This is not the first time Harley-Davidson has shown interest in a younger generation of riders. To its credit, the company has been open about its goal of expanding riders to younger and more urban riders.

The average age of Harley-Davidson's current customer culture will not be younger. While still not abandoning their core ICE bikes, the US company has been doing well with its investment in electricity as a way of turning over many years of random sales data.

But will a younger generation connect to Harley-Davidson's lighter electric bikes and scooters designed to be easier to ride and not require driving licenses? It remains to be seen.

We would love to hear your thoughts about it. Let us know in the comments below.

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