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Hands-On With Dell's Solid 49-inch 5K Ultrawide Display

Recently, Dell presented the first 49-inch ultraviolet 5K display with a 32: 9 aspect ratio, resulting in a wide, submerged display with an impressive resolution.

In our latest YouTube video, we could go hand in hand with Dell's U4919DW monitor, and put it through their steps to see if it's worth the $ 1250 price.

U4919DW may be impractical at first glance, but it is essentially intended for people who like to use two 27-inch monitors side by side. It's a double QHD screen with a total resolution of 5120 x 1440 pixels and a curve that makes it a little easier to see everything at once.

Of course, there are other ultraviolet displays with the same aspect ratio on the market, but Dell is the first company to introduce a higher resolution.

Designfully, the U491

9DW is similar to other Dell displays, just on a larger scale. It is made of plastic, but with a clean, minimal appearance. Expect it to take up some space on a desk, and on shallower tables it will be difficult to see everything at once without turning the head because the curvature is so small.

The display is equipped with multiple ports, including two HDMI ports, a DisplayPort 1.4 port, five USB-A ports and 2 USB-A upward ports. There is also a USB-C cable that allows the screen to be used with Macs that support USB-C.

If you use it with a device like a MacBook Pro, the monitor can provide up to 90W of power for charging, reducing the number of cables you need on the desktop. However, there is only one USB-C port, so you have no luck if you have several USB-C accessories.

There is a built-in KVM feature that lets you connect a keyboard and mouse, a convenient feature for switching between multiple computers connected to the screen. You can connect a computer and a Mac or two Macs simultaneously.

With the 49-inch display on the desktop, you can see it all at once, which is great for multitasking. It's great for everything from writing to video editing. You will not want to use it for serious games, as it maximizes at 60Hz and does not support G-Sync or Freesync.

Dell's monitor is designed to be used in landscape mode, but we were unable to finish this video without testing the macOS capability of utilizing a monitor in portrait mode. The portrait mode is not intended for a monitor, this massive, but it is fun to see websites like MacRumors on a screen that is 48 inches long.

Overall, if you regularly use two common screens side by side, Dell's 49-inch U4919DW display is a useful but expensive replacement. The portrait mode is probably not the best use for it, but with the right mounting it is possible. Originally priced at $ 1,700, the monitor is now available from Dell for $ 1,250.

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