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Halo Infinite will be on computer at startup, Microsoft confirms at E3 2019

Microsoft has shared some new details about Halo Infinite. Prominent on the Xbox Live flow, Halo FPS director Chris Lee began to confirm that the "Discover Hope" segment that Microsoft showed at E3 2019 was actually the game's opening sequence from the campaign. He also confirmed that it was not CG, but rather it was caught in the engine.

Halo Infinite runs on the all-new Slipspace engine, which Lee said Microsoft has "heavily invested in. It is clearly very important as Lee said it serves as the basis for" the next 10 years of Halo- experiences ". It's the "most powerful" toolkit that Microsoft has ever done for Halo. He added that Microsoft's ambition for Halo Infinite could not be achieved or realized with the company's previous engines.

  The pilot
The pilot

Halo Infinite is a launch title for Project Scarlett in Holiday 2020, but the game is also coming to Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X. In addition, it will be launched on the computer along with the other versions, Lee confirmed.

Lee teased that Halo Infinite will make use of the "Power of Scarlett" even though he does not share any specific details on how the game will utilize the system's more sophisticated specifications.

Even in the interview, Lee briefly talked about the new "Pilot" character from the Halo Infinite story trailer. He confirmed that the pilot is a new character in the Halo universe. At the beginning of the trailer, the pilot thinks he will die. He records a message to his family. When things seem to be the pale ones, he finds the chief executive floating in space. Everything changes, with the chief executive coming back online probably to save the world once again.

Lee said Halo Infinite will spend a lot of time "carefully" to explain who the pilot is and what he means for the story. The pilot will include more in the Halo Infinite campaign, but Lee didn't say anything more about the character.

  Master's new design
Master's new design

Finally, Lee talked about Halo Infinite's artistic direction. He said the game will embrace Halo's full legacy. Especially for the Master Chief's new costume design, Lee said it was primarily inspired by his appearance in Halo 3, with some blooms based on Halo 4 and Halo 5, as well as the Halo Legends films. In conclusion, Lee said that Microsoft is aiming to make the chief executive "distinct, new and special."

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