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Gutfeld on Kevin Hart's intestines

Kevin Hart was on "Colbert" Wednesday night, where the host of the talk shows pressed Hart to refuse to host the Oscar.

Colbert seemed to suggest that Hart had not done enough genuflecting, groveling or apology for the mob, or what Colbert refers to, strangely, as an audience.


If there is something we learned from this new hysteria: while excuses are important – some people refuse them. To accept them kills history and the fun that exists in persecution.

It's Colber's concern. He seems to ask, "But Kevin, how dare you finish this story without getting proper approval from myself or Don Lemon or the mob on Twitter?"

But Hart stood on the ground and I hope he still does.

We now live in a panic country ̵

1; where social media has made the mob the moral decision maker in all things. Forgiveness is forbidden, excuse mocked and careers were destroyed.

The lock for destruction means lonely losers with free time can do every day on Twitter the Roman colosseum – and it is always fresh meat to be manufactured by someone screwed up, a decade ago.

The worst of it: companies are now struggling before basements that galvanize hysteria and give rise to scandal illusions. The result: HR throws employees under the bus instead of standing on the ground.

Hart stood his – but he can – he makes millions a year. He'll be fine.


You won't be so happy if the mob comes to you.

Adapted from Greg Gutfeld's monologue at "The Five" on Jan. 1-, 2019.

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