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Gruden with his own words: What the coach had to say on the Monday after the Bengals victory

Mondays in the NFL are either lovely or boring depending on the results of the previous day's game.

For Raiders coach Jon Gruden, it was the former. Although he was relatively calm with his standards, Gruden was in a good mood on Monday during his day after the press conference.

Some fans may have been disappointed that the Raiders only won by seven points against a winless team in the Cincinnati Bengals. However, Gruden emphasized how tough it is to win a game in the NFL.

He was in a good mood, even joking about how old he was, now he wears glasses under this press. He pointed out that he likes to join Raiders fans in the parking lot after a big win and did so yesterday.

He called the people who stop to celebrate "nuts, like me." And so he goes with them.

However, that was not the whole story. Gruden opened with the announcement that the team signed linebacker Preston Brown and stated that they loved his intangible assets and his track record, dating back to the 27-year-old's age in Louisville. On Brown:

"We liked that he came out of Louisville. He had three 1

00-thank-you seasons with the Buffalo Bills … He has all the intangible things you're looking for in a center line. He is charismatic … he is a football junkie … we will track him quickly. ”

Much like with Dion Jordan and D.J. Swearinger this past week or receivers Zay Jones and Trevor Davis earlier, the position coaches and coordinators will put in extra hours to get Brown up the defense so they can get him involved in the pitch as soon as possible.

The coach spent time praising Maxx Crosby – he in the four sack game on Sunday. He said many did not notice when Crosby was just dropping balls or getting pressure. But he stressed that the coaching staff was already very high on rookie performance.

Without saying it directly, Gruden made a claim to Crosby as this year's potential Defensive Rookie. More importantly, he emphasized how proud he is of the growth – literally and figuratively – that Crosby has shown he comes from a group of 5 schools in the NFL.

On Maxx Crosby and the other Raiders beginners:

“Success is a great confidence builder. And when you can be successful and win as a beginner in this league it goes a long way … Some guys may not play until their second or third season. ”


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He actually praised all his rookies and encouraged all Raiders fans: "We have five picks in the top 90 next year."

"We've got lots of production, it's been pretty well documented, from our rookie class. And we will continue to raise the bar for them."

Gruden acknowledged that he is known for preferring older players , but then referred to the drafts he had early in his first Raiders job, calling Charles Woodson and Jon Ritchie "some pretty good players we drafted."

He talked about how Raiders early season travel was "almost never previously viewed in NFL history. "three-game homeland.

All around, the mood at Raider's facility in Alameda on Monday was happy. Why shouldn't it be after a third victory and strengthen the team's chances at a berth after the season?

He acknowledged that the Bengals defense was hard to prepare for:

"Their defense, even though they had a fight against the corporations, all fight against the corporations. When you study Cincinnat's defense, they play twice against the corporations, Kyler Murray, Russell Wilson, quarterbacks running around. They're not going to play us the same way, so you're not really sure how to prepare. " the sideline and the bitten lip, "Come on man" in some press conferences.

But Raiders coach Jon Gruden is doing well. His team is good.

And they are just getting better.

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