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Green snow on Antarctica: Here’s what happens

The snow in Antartica turns green.

And it’s not cool.

At least not according to a new CNN report because it says that green snow is caused by flowering algae. And that blooming algae are caused by rising temperatures and are likely to spread as climate change continues. It said researchers have used satellite data collected between 2017-2019 and on the ground to map the spread of flowering.

The report says the algae need high temperature and wet snow to grow, and it is said that “unusually high temperatures”

; were recorded in Antarctica in February and the continent had a “nine-day heat wave” earlier this year.

How much green snow is out there?

The report said researchers identified 1,679 separate flowers, which is about two square miles of the stuff. Bird populations – their poop acts as a fertilizer for the algae – can also affect the blooms.

And according to the report, an increase in blooms can lead to an increase in snowmelt.

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