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Young people have won Italy! – Football – General

With … right, Italy started its commitments to the 10th group in the Euro2020 qualifying round, which was introduced 2-0 Finland in "Friuli" and confirmed that it is the big favorite of our country's best price.

The … new generation starred in the lead of Roberto Mancini's team as 22-year-old Barela opened the score at 7 & # 39; while 19-year-old Kin made 2-0 at 74 & # 39;. With Kaualiarela, who has replaced the match, he has a bar for 85 minutes …

"Ataziri" got very strong in the match and pressed loudly and tried to attack mainly from the legs when they had the ball on their feet, with Pitsini and Biraggi constantly on their way up.

In fact, they only went before the 7th minute, with Verati firing directly from the left, the ball reached the area, Barrela took … the returns and with a strong shot close to leaving no room for reaction to Hrantzky. With midfielder Cagliari doing 1

-0, marking his first goal with the national emblem!


While after five minutes Kin made the race to the right, he took a dangerous center in the second field, but the upcoming Pichini sent the ball on the side network to Italy's best chance for 2-0.

After the first 15 minutes, the Scandinavians – who returned to 5-4-1 to leave no room – managed to balance the situation by regaining possession. With Lund also goes into the counterattack, but the low shot of Panathinaiko's former club and now Gijon did not worry about Donaruma.

While Bernardeski had another good time on the 31st minute, when he beat the penalty game, but failed to send the ball to the opponent's net …

At the resumption, the hosts were more mobile at first, with Kin and Bernardesky attacking their sides. Italy won as much as 60 & nbsp; three corners in eight minutes but failed to score any of them.

On the other hand, he failed to accept the equalizer, when in the 65th minute Lund Puki burned very well to the right, but Norwich's striker was misplaced on the go!

Two minutes later, Finland was back in the limelight, with Lund still catching the shot through the resistance and almost can not threaten Donaruma.

And when it wasn't 1-1, 2-0 came in at 74 & # 39; from Imobile's brilliant ball, which opened the defense and made Kin face Hrantzky. With the Juventus aggressor to make a perfect shot and become the youngest player to score with National!


Kin was replaced by Kwagialerela in the 80's and in the next minute Serie A made his first score a very fine head and forced Hrantzky to … remove to depart 3-0.

In addition, Italy and Kuala Terela were unlucky in the 85th when the Sampdoria striker shot a strong shot from the right in the middle, but the ball hit the board.

In conclusion, the result of the 1st game

Saturday (23/03)

Italy-Finland 2-0

(7 & # 39; Barrel, 74 & # 39; Knight)

Liechtenstein-Greece 0-2

(45 & # 39; + 1 & # 39; Fortune, 80 & # 39;

Bosnia and Herzegovina-Armenia 2-1

(33 & # 39; Krnjic, 80 & # 39; Milosevic – 90 & # 39; + 3 & # 39;

10th group ranking

1. Italy (2-0) 3

2. Greece (2-0) 3

3. Bosnia and Herzegovina (2-1) 3

4. Armenia (1-2) 0

5. Finland (0-2) 0

6. Liechtenstein (0-2) 0

Schedule for the second game

Tuesday (26/03)

Armenia-Finland (19:00)

Bosnia and Herzegovina-Greece (21:45)

Italien-Liechtenstein (21:45)

Editing: Spyros Siablis

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