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YFSF: Ketrinas Stikodis shocked the judges! (Video)

Katerina Stikoudis was once again impressed by YFSF

Katerina Stikoudi was one of the best performances on YFSF. Again, the well-known singer shows that this special show fits perfectly and shows how she can do everything on stage

In today's episode, Katerina Stikoudi was invited to perform Eleonora Zouganeli in the song "We Say". The words are unnecessary for her appearance, with Giorgos Mazonakis and Alexis Georgoulis saying shockingly

"You have this ability and skill to be transformed to such an extent that it is shocking. You were amazing, Giorgos Mazonakis said.

" You was great, you got stuck on me! It was the background, but more of the energy you created and shared with us. I'm still excited about all this, I felt the song more than when I heard it because I didn't see it live. And now I saw it very shocked, says Alexis Georgoulis.

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