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Xyla – Michas: Love with an age difference that gives reactions

Star returns to Greek fiction after a three-year absence and strives to gain the public interest.

This is a weekly series entitled “Love, with a difference”, where filming will begin in the coming days. Star, after a three-year absence from Greek fiction, decided to invest again in Greek series, even if it is not its forte because those it has shown have not exceeded 10% in television viewing.

But given that the miniseries “Another I Lost Souls” was a success, those responsible decided to dare to take … Greek steps again. The title of the new romantic series that the channel is preparing will be “Love, with a Difference”

; and will be shown every week of the new TV season.

The script is signed by Vassilis Risvas with his wife Dimitra Sakalis. In the lead roles we will see Faye Xylas, Vassilis Michas, Vivian Kontomari and many others. Love always proves unpredictable and invincible! This time it all starts with a small accident!

Thirty-nine year old Zeta (Gray Woods), a mother of twenty-four-four-year-old Kostis (Vassilis Michas), a charming? the bartender meets, falls in love and decides to be together. Their relationship causes a wave of comic situations and upheavals. Both have to deal with their personal insecurities, but also the reactions in their environment and dare to continue with what makes them happy!

Will Zeta dare to change her whole life for Kosti’s sake? Kostis will be able to fulfill the responsibility for his new role: This is the story of a single parent who lives everyday and the problems and suddenly changes … tracks!

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