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Wolves – Olympiacos: Daniel Pontense, who Greece does not have … – Europa League

In January 2020, the wolves want Daniel Pontense on their list. Despite the obstacles presented, the Portuguese are also under pressure and his transfer from Olympiakos to the English club is nearing completion. Not to be outdone, the big motivation for Pontense was definitely his presence in the Premier League, but also the financial one. An excellent contract.


When I came to Wolverhampton and took a walk yesterday (5/8) in the city, many questions came to my mind. For example, I’m sure Daniel will have reminded me of life in Greece.

Wolverhampton is not a big city. It has 210,000 inhabitants, two hours by train from London, a little less by car. However, it is a city that you see that does not have much to offer you. A city very reminiscent of those in central England. And for example, for a football player to be here for two years, yes, to get a good contract, but you̵

7;m looking for something else.

Somehow you realize why everyone loves life in Greece. And because of the weather of course, but also because of the rest.

Of course, life is good, having a good time and enjoying in a country like ours, but also the big contracts and salaries, changes the opinions of the players a lot. Is not that how Milivojevic was attracted years ago to move from Olympiakos to Crystal Palace?

What is certain is that Pontense will get a strong contract, he will get his opportunities, but like Greece he does not …

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