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Who will Junek deliver the commission steering wheel? These are the top candidates WORLD

Some of the leaders of the European Parliament's political groups, who are striving to succeed with Jean-Claude Juncker on behalf of the European Commission, have some chances, but most are going down "for the arms price", as DW comments.

One of these "top candidates", the Spitzen candidate, as it is known, namely, whose party will receive the most votes in the 26th European elections on May 26, will assert the prestigious post of the President of the Commission, however, they believe not that the heads of state and government of the 28 EU Member States are bound by them, who will decide with the European Parliament on the successor to Juncker.

Manfred Weber: Moderate but without a gift

It is surprising that the head of the European People's Party Manfred Weber is likely to be the new president of the Commission, who until recently was unthinkable. The election committee for the 46-year-old Bavarian policy of the conservative Christian-CSU CSU is flamboyantly pro-European, to an extent contrary to its own supporter, Chancellor Merkel, calling for the construction of the Russian gas pipeline Nord Stream 2 through Germany. He is very conservative, Christian, but moderate and realistic. She is aware of the qualities a Commission President needs. For many, he showed great tolerance to the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in relation to the refugee policy until he was excluded from the EPP by insulting Jean-Claude Juncker on a poster.

"Retaining the external borders is a prerequisite for a rational refugee policy, states determine who is entering Europe instead of the smuggling circles," he argues. Manfred Weber is a balanced Spitzen candidate, who can also attract voices from other parties. But they lack charisma, the government's experience and readability. If he succeeds in becoming the President of the Commission, he will be the first German after half a century.

Timmermann: Cosmopolitan but from a party that does not come first


What is missing from Weber the Dutch Franz Timmermann, by the European Socialists, who is the second largest political group of the European Parliament. Prior to his current position as Vice-President of the Commission, he was national MP and later Minister of Foreign Affairs. He is cosmopolitan and speaks English, German, French, Russian and Italian. In refugee policy, he also proposed stricter border controls, but he praised public humanitarian refugee policy Angela Merkel . "Then Europe saved," he said. The carpenter is fighting for a social EU, a European minimum wage, a strong Europe with a high voice in the world. And he warns of the danger that ethnologists will destroy Europe. "If we are indifferent and should not vote, what happened in the United States and Britain with Brexit may happen."

His biggest problem is that he belongs to a party that loses in the choice with the possibility that the distance from EPP will increase. There are also no leftist governments among the countries who have the idea of ​​choosing a candidate as the President of the Commission. And since its field of action as the Vice-President of the Commission is to uphold the rule of law, it is considered a red cloth for countries that violate them

Margrethe Vestagher is not officially the Spitzen candidate, but belongs to a group of seven top candidates. However, the Danish competition commissioner so far is the hidden favorite of the European liberals. The 51
-year-old Vestager served as the Minister of Economy and Home Affairs. Fighting against the powerful online giants managed to make names and become something like a star today. She is of the opinion that time has come to become a female president of the Commission

Although Liberals are in 4th position in the power of the European Parliament, it has good chances because it is open to the right and to the left. The disadvantage of this candidacy is the name Macron. The Liberals kindly waited for his party to be a part of them. The French president himself has opposed the Spitzen candidate principle and can therefore make another choice after the European elections


The German Sk Keller by Greens with the Dutch Bas Aikhout, The Czech Jan Zahradil by the Alliance of European Conservatives and Reformists and the Spanish by Nicholas Cue Slovenian Violet Tomi from the Left Group. None of them, however, has the chance to become president of the Commission, DW says. Cue explains that he wants to use the candidacy to pay attention to the situation of the workers and to fight for European solidarity. Negative publicity achieved in a public debate he argued that arms sales to S. Arabia by the Welsh producers would continue until there was a common European position

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