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When Olympiacos confronted Michael Jordan! (pictures & vid) | Basket: Greece

The then "white" European champions lose by far the best team of all time with a 104-78 victory, but the defeat is of little importance, as it was the first and only time a Greek team met the top player. in the history of sports Michael Jordan a few months before celebrating his 5th championship, prevailing in the Utah Jazz Finals 4-2. Jordan ended the game with 27 points with Olympiacos who could not find a way to limit him.

Since then, Bulls team [1945900] Pippen and Rodman were missing, but they were normally on assignment Tony Kukoch and Steve Ker. The "Red" had just "dropped" the EuroLeague conqueror, David Rivers. Arturas Karnisova's was 1

9 points, but no one was in the numbers!

All members of that team would say that they fought for the best of all. of course Michael Jordan while members of the top five were Carnissow, Tarlac, Jordan, Oberto and Stroullens [19459] . (Phil Jackson): Jordan 27, Brown 12, Kerr 10, Longleigh 9, Wennington 8, Kukots 5, Gorens 7, Cafe 6, Harper

Olympiacos (Dusan Ivkovic): Carnissova 19 , Nacic 16, Tarcz 6, Tarlac 14, 6

Tomic: "If you want to play with 1vs1"

Milan Anomizi had his experience of Tommy 3 playing with Jordan. "We expected how and how we would play against Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. We were European champions and they were world champions. Sure, our first thought was to have fun in that match, but each of us wanted to show him what he could We wanted to get our best out of Jordan. The experience was unforgettable and I will never forget the fun I did with him during the race. He pulled off my shorts sometime in a furious way … I immediately turned around and challenged him "if you want to get the ball in the next attack and play one against me". It's been 14 years and it looks like yesterday. "

Jordan:" I hope you enjoyed it "

Michael Jordan, in his statements after the game, said: "I hope you enjoyed it." I stayed in the parquet for a while. "

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