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"We have never forgotten Greece's atrocities against the Turks" – Newsbeast

In a statement, the Turkish Foreign Ministry attacks Greece and accuses it of "brutality and cruelty against the Turks throughout history."

Reason for the Turkish delegation of the Republic, Prokopis Pavlopoulos a few days ago in Armenia.

In detail the statement of the Turkish Foreign Ministry:

"We find that Greece continues to take a position next to hostile circles and supports Turkey. To the detriment of our country

We have never forgotten the atrocities of Greece against the Turks and other Ottoman citizens throughout history.

It is well known that Greece systematically exterminated Turks and Muslims in the region during its independence from the Ottoman Empire and beyond.

Even today, Greece continues to adopt inhumane methods against the Turkish the minority in its country and even imprisoned muftis for trying

Turkey Turkey believes that the lessons of history must be lessons of peace and brotherhood rather than hatred, and indeed an awareness of historical reality. this time, remember that support measures against our country will not benefit Greece.

We urge Greece to be for good neighborly relations between the two countries and to act more responsibly, as this is the only way to promote peace

On the other hand, taking into account the events of 1

915, from the time our President was Prime Minister, Turkey's position was clear clear in its statement of April 23. 2014. No further explanations are needed, "ends the message.

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