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"We count titles, the other wins"! – Football – Super League – Olympiacos

A big party was held Friday night through door 7 for the 94th anniversary since the founding of Olympiacos.

Vangelis Marinakis was found there along with the mayor of Piraeus and president of "red-white" FCE, Yannis Moralis and amateur leader Michalis Kountouri.

Two former glories of the football team, Kyriakos Karataidis and Alekos Alexandris, honored during the event, while one of the two awards was given by the group's fans, Yannis Alampasinis, who was attacked by hooligans at "Papastratio" a few weeks ago.

« I want to thank you very much. Since the year was a bit strange, you will say: We all draw titles, others count wins. Olympiacos is neither a person, a player nor a president or anything. It is your fiery world that never disturbs you. Thanks "said Alexandris.

For its part, the former leader of Olympiacos said: " I'm a little older generation. That price is good for me. I'm really excited, because I'm also very old. This price for me is a good one time before I went home, my daughter said, "how would you dress?" "I dress like I like," I tell her, because I want to be with us. by you. Thank you very much. I love you ".

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