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Voulgarakis goes down to mayor of Athens – Politics

Former New Democracy Minister George Voulgarakis is likely to run for mayor of Athens in coming municipal elections.

Mr. Voulgarakis, who has been elected this year in the first Athens and has moved from the central political scene to the sound of his legal and moral statements, while being removed from the ND by Antonis Samaras in 2010, has written on facebook an Muss publishing the announcement of his candidacy to Athens municipality as a matter of days

It is noted that Voulgarakis has obviously contacts with past and present ND executives, ex-municipal members and members of small parties Right, while you are on It reminded that he was recently mentioned positively by President ANEL President Panos Kammeno and LAOS President George Karatzaferis

The article also mentions that the goal is to appeal to traditional right-wing voters who feel dismissed from the ND because of leadership choices Mitsotakis, but also those who have intention to vote for right formations.

Voulgaraki's movements have led to discussions in the center-right area, with some judging that his goal is that he wants to join the blue polls and others that the goal is to play a role in new moves in the right-hand side.

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