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Vassilis Gizani’s “left” – Former AO Orestiada president loses “battle” for life

-Her family with a brave decision gave their consent to donate the organs of the undefeated Vassilis

The miracle that everyone prayed and waited for would happen, unfortunately it did not happen. The former president of AO Orestiada, Vassilis Gizanis, eventually lost the “battle for life” and “left” at the age of 46 in the Intensive Care Unit at University General Hospital in Alexandroupolis.

Last Friday, he was transported in a very serious condition, initially to Didymoteicho Hospital and from there directly to the General Hospital of Alexandroupolis, where he underwent a very difficult operation by the professors of the neurosurgical clinic. But his condition from the beginning seemed extremely critical and the hopes of overcoming the problem that arose in his head were slim. The wishes and prayers of those who knew him from his service and contribution to volleyball as president of the historian AO Orestiada but also his agent for several years, as well as from his professional work as a hairdresser and organizer of important events and above all the doctors’ efforts did not yield results. . His condition proved to be irreversible.

It got worse yesterday and his family, mother and brother and sister were informed that there was no return for Vassilis. So they gave their consent and began the necessary examinations provided by the medical records to donate his organs. After all, this was their wish, Vassilis, when he gave life and vitality with his smile and energy, to give life to his other suffering fellow human beings even after his death. Certainly a brave act, which presupposes the greatness of the soul and an enormous humanity. After the doctors gave their final consent to the donation, “Vassilis Gizanis” left “at the age of 46, which he was to complete in August.

He was for many years an actor and president of the famous volleyball team in AO Orestiada and in recent years the president and his close friend Pantelis Drachtidis were its administrators and not just its pillars. But he was active for the rest of his social life in Orestiada and the region. For several years he was chairman of the Association of Barber and Frisers of North Evros, while in recent municipal elections he was a candidate with the combination “Dynamic Ahead” by Panagiotis Siankouris.

Evros-news.gr and I personally, who met and collaborated with Vassilis recently, but from the first moment “won” us, like everyone else, with the passion, energy, appetite for creation and offer, we express from our heart our warmest condolences to his family. To his mother, his brother and sister, but also his little daughter. To live and remember him.

Have a good trip Vassilis and up there you meet and talk for hours about volleyball and your favorite AO Orestiada, with the “eagle” Nikos Samaras.

Let the soil in the Orestiadi land that covers it be light.

Costas Pitiakoudis

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