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USA: Outraged Joe Biden rejects the idea of ​​taking a cognitive test | WORLD

Clearly annoyed, White House Democratic nominee Joe Biden clearly rejected the idea of ​​taking a cognitive test to assess his mental state after his opponent, Donald Trump, urged him to take a test himself. .


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“No, I will not take the test.”

; Why the hell do I have to take a test? ” He said in an interview broadcast today, in which the former US vice president made no secret of his anger.

At age 77, his mental resilience is questioned by campaign staff to 74-year-old Donald Trump, who will face him in the November 3 presidential election.

“It’s like I told you, before you come to this show, to do a test to see if you’re taking cocaine or not. What would you think? ‘Are you kidding?’ He told a CBS reporter that he interviewed the American Association of Black (NABJ) and Hispanic (NAHJ) journalists.

This unexpected post immediately provoked reactions on social media. CBS Reporter Errol Barnett later said he had asked Joe Biden staff to provide additional information about the link between a cognitive test and a cocaine test.

Donald Trump’s campaign staff rushed to question Biden’s mental capacity, quoting at the end of the interview when Joe Biden struggled and had to try several times to say, “I’m ready to assess my physical and mental health.”

The US president had said in late July that he “excelled” in a cognitive test. He proudly reported that the test included, for example, a memory test. “They ask us to repeat words: man, woman, man, camera, TV. I said yes, it is: man, woman, man, camera, TV.”

But the Democratic candidate added in today’s interview: “Well, if he can not distinguish between an elephant and a lion. I do not even know what he is talking about. Do you see it? (…) I look forward to the opportunity” to a public debate with Donald Trump.

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