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Until the end of the year, Germany will extend the ban on public attendance at all kinds of events

Germany will tighten restrictions on the coronavirus pandemic by imposing heavier fines on those who do not wear masks and extending the ban on public attendance in any case until at least the end of the year, according to the draft agreement between the states and the federal government.

In addition, German authorities will increase controls to ensure that quarantine is respected and otherwise impose fines, according to a draft agreement negotiated by Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government with the governments of the 16 German states.

Although the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus “is currently clearly smaller than when it peaked in March and April”

;, the German authorities emphasize that the number of cases in recent weeks has been rising again “.

About 1,500 new cases of covid-19 are reported daily in Germany, the highest number since the end of April. The record was set earlier that month with 6,000 new infections per day.

“The events, celebrations and holiday mobility associated with the holiday contribute in particular to the spread of the virus,” the draft said, adding that “this increase during the summer months must be taken seriously.”

In addition, the German authorities expect a further increase in cases of coronavirus during the autumn and winter.

Fines of at least 50 euros will be imposed on those who do not wear a mask in places where it is mandatory.

Germany will also extend until the end of the year the ban on the presence of spectators in stadiums, services, festivals and forums, according to the draft agreement.

This is a strong blow for football teams that hoped to gradually open the stadiums for their fans in view of the new season.

“Exceptions” will be allowed in areas where the rate of infection is low for at least one week and “provided that participants come exclusively from or from nearby areas” where the spread of coronavirus has also been limited.

The federal government and states also urge “citizens to keep the number of people they come in contact with as low as possible”, to reduce the number of people attending private gatherings to 25, to respect the distance to 1.5 meters and prefer concentrations ” outside”.

“Unfortunately, recent weeks have shown that holidays can mainly contribute to the spread of infections within a family or circle of friends,” the draft agreement reveals.

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