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Tzitzikostas: Thessaloniki cinemas to be completed by 2020 [βίντεο] | GREECE

The creation of a film and television production studio in Thessaloniki in the early 2020s was announced by Apostolos Tzitzikostas, at a meeting in his office in the region with Nu Boyana Studios CEO Yariv Lerner, President of the National Central Committee and Communications ( EKOMME) Pano Kouani and Greek-American film producer New York Yiannis Kalafatis.

The studios of Millennium Film's subsidiary, Nu Buyana Hellenic, will be built in the The area in a privately owned area of ​​83 acres, near the airport in Macedonia, which was announced by the regional governor. The right place to host movie and TV studios has been found, problems have been overcome, and within a few months, the construction of eight Hollywood films will begin in 2020 and in the same year two films and one film will be shot. TV series. This means that Thessaloniki and Central Macedonia are on the world map of film productions for good, "he stressed.

Studios like the ones to be built in Thessaloniki have never been to Greece before, Tzitzikostas noted. He added that it is a large investment of 20 EUR million, which will greatly help the local economy and radically change the map of film and television production throughout southeastern Europe.

Mr Tzitzikostas thanked them, Lerner and Kalafatis for their efforts, while praising the role such as Mr. Kouani, who proposed and amended the legislation to make Greece competitive in film production.

Thessaloniki studios follow up a mission from Central Macedonia Region, led by Mr. Tzitzikostas to Hollywood last month, and Tzitzikosta's meeting with Millennium Film President Jeffrey Greenstein.

Mr. Kalafatis emphasized that "this is a dream come true. The selected area is close to Thessaloniki and even closer to the airport and is a large area because the size of the company is very large. Our decision is given and we will create hundreds or even thousands of jobs, directly and indirectly, especially for young people, who want to get involved in this area and stay at home. "

Mr. Lerner emphasized that" we are planning to shoot two large films and many other small and medium-sized producers, as well as some TV series that have already been identified. The space chosen is ideal and thanks to the very important cooperation and support from men. Kalafatis and Kouanis, but above all the regional governor Apostolos Tzitzikostas, who supports us with all his might. "

Mr. Kouanis noted that" today's announcement is the fruit of many years of effort, meeting, travel and meeting. in New York, Los Angeles, Bulgaria, Thessaloniki and elsewhere.

"It is time for Thessaloniki to become a major audiovisual center for Europe with film and TV productions. For many new jobs created, which limits young people's flights abroad. Thessaloniki is very friendly to such investments, which have many comparative advantages , which we will highlight. The time is great for the city to become Europe's big-city movie center, "he added.

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