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They steal Saudi Arabia in Mykonos-Mammoth robbery

The Mammoth Theft condemned a Saudi police in Mykonos just before leaving Wind Island.

The speakers actually managed to go unnoticed both by his escort and by the security officers of the luxury villa.

The Saudi prince was in Mykonos for a holiday and despite having a … army of security officers, the thieves had no trouble taking things. According to his complaint, worth $ 1.2 million!

The member of the royal family in Saudi Arabia has been in Mykonos since August 15th. He had hired a luxury villa for his stay. A villa … fortress in the Kalafati area. He had 15 Saudi Arabian Saudi men with him, as well as men in Securitate Company. Still, somebody managed to steal him!

When he decided to leave with his private airplane to Paris, he was confronted with "bitter truth".

When he complained, an unknown man had come into his villa from an open balcony door and stole three (!) Suitcases with precious bells, jewelry, coins, etc.

According to his testimony in cases that made "wings" Contains :


1; 60 watches
– Gold Coin
– Gold jewelry
– Rings with diamonds

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