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The Supreme Court tries to remove the Novartis case from anti-corruption investigators

Supreme Court requests removal of Novartis file from anti-corruption investigators who are required by law to investigate it after practicing criminal prosecution by the prosecutor against corruption for all parts of the great case

The Prosecutor of the Supreme Court, Vassilis Pliotas requests the convening of the plenary session justification for avoiding multiplying the investigation by entrusting it to the special investigator. [1 9659003] It is recalled that parts of the case, which are still largely open to preliminary investigation, have been forwarded after the indictment of some persons involved, such as Constantinos Frouzis, former Vice President of and Novartis . Professor N. Maniadakis Former Adviser to the Ministers of Drugs, to Corruption Investigators, under Law 4040/201

1 on Judgment of Corruption Act [Civil och stat] [1945

Despite the undeniable fact that the Novartis scandal is one of the cases covered by the 2011 law, Pliotas made this step "to empty" the investigators who have taken over the cases for Frouzi and Maniadaki, which is a fact that they do not appear to have done well in their investigations . Mr Pliotas in his letter to the Chief of the Athens Appeal Court, Ioannis Moraitakis demands that the plenary session be convened to avoid the plenary session Investigation of the case faster

According to Pliotas in Novartis is awarded 2-3 or more appeals, if they are judged

Something that, if accepted, does not mark the end of the judicial investigation. achisti integrate research, but even greater delay in development as young researchers if they want to perform well their work will study at the beginning of the files. At the same time as all cases could be gathered and transferred, without the need for a plenary, to the criminal investigators.

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